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Titration Software

  • Overview

    PC Titration software for TITRONIC® 300, TITRONIC® 500, TitroLine® 7000 – 7800 and sample changer 

    The TitriSoft 3.3 titration software is the optimum solution for your titration tasks. The software can be used with Windows 7, 8.1, and 10. This supports your daily work procedures during sample preparation, titration and evaluation of the results. The software has been developed to be clear, logical and user-friendly.

    Connection possibilities

    Using TitriSoft 3.3 you can control the following devices from a PC:

    • TitroLine automatic titrators (7000, 7750, 7500 KF, 7500 KF trace and alpha plus)
    • Autosamplers (TW alpha plus, TW 7400, TW alpha und TW 280)
    • TITRONIC manual titrators (300, 500 and universal, 110/200 and 110 plus)
    • Balances

    In combination with the new TitriSoft 3.3 / 3.3 P, a so-called "parallel" titration can be carried out with a TitroLine® 7800 (also 7000 and 7750) and a TITRONIC®300 / 500 piston burette.

    This means you only need one titrator and one piston burette to carry out two titrations simultaneously, in parallel.

    Want to learn about YSI's full line of titration systems and features? Visit our titration homepage

    You can also download The Titration Handbook - the comprehensive guide to titration fundamentals and common applications.

  • Specifications

You may also need

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Sample changer for piston burettes and automatic titrators

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TW 7400 Autosampler

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TitroLine® 7500 KF

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