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How do you titrate?

Currently, only 40% of labs utilize automated titration. While both manual and automated methods present quality results, automated titration simplifies analysis, minimizes employee training time, and greatly increases lab productivity.

YSI is pleased to offer two new titration lines to accommodate every lab’s preference and budget: TITRONIC and TitroLineThe TITRONIC is ideal for labs interested in manual titrations, dosing applications and solution preparation. The TitroLine offers full automation, and can run up to 72 samples (unmonitored!) when paired with our TW Series Autosamplers, saving even more time and resources. Both the TITRONIC and TitroLine are compatible with our TitriSoft® Software, which features near limitless unique method storage, data handling and reporting capabilities with an intuitive user interface.

Let’s take a look at the key differences between the TITRONIC and TitroLine offerings, so you can determine which methodology best fits your needs. Still unsure? Email our titration experts today to learn more about which solution is ideal for your application!

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TITRONIC Manual Titrators

  • Performs manual titrations, dosing applications and solution preparation
  • Improves safety by minimizing exposure to corrosive chemicals with the enclosed burette
  • More accurate, precise and consistent compared to class A burettes
  • Intuitive user interface minimizes training time
  • Connects with other titrators, autosamplers and analytical balances*
  • Compatible with TitriSoft for some applications
  • Includes two year warranty and reliable technical support

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TitroLine Automatic Titrators

Includes all capabilities and benefits of the TITRONIC titrators, PLUS:

  • Ability to automate potentiometric, Karl Fischer, dead stop and more titration applications
  • Pre-installed standard titration applications include alkalinity, citric acid, kjeldahl and more
  • Measure two different parameters at the same time**
  • Improves safety by minimizing overall chemical handling
  • More accurate, precise, consistent compared to manual titrations
  • Increases lab workflow efficiency, freeing employees from routine work
  • Complete automation of up to 72 samples at a time with additional autosamplers
  • Compatible with TitriSoft software for data integration, documentation and analysis
  • Improves reproducibility in results

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* Excluding the Karl Fischer trace units. (7500 KF trace)

** Only TitroLine 7800