From manual to fully automated titrations, YSI has the instruments and accessories for Titration

YSI Titrators are designed to ensure complete accuracy and precision in the laboratory for a variety of industries and applications. Our titrators, and compatible accessories, efficiently determine concentration levels and quickly detect equivalency points accurately. Our products bring convenience and durability, while also meeting GLP and ISO 900X standards, and simultaneously increasing sample throughput.

We value consumer feedback and have enhanced our product portfolio to match the requests of our customers. We are thrilled to announce the expansion of our titration product line. Our new portfolio includes TitroLine® Autotitrators, TW Series Autosamplers, TITRONIC® piston burettes, and TitriSoft computer software.

Who We Serve

We serve all industries who do titration which include food & beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental, manufacturing and more.

Xylem Lab Solutions offers cost-effective titrators and accessories for labs in the Food and Beverage Industry.

Titration is a major method of analysis for the food and beverage industry. Titrations measure several important parameters that effect food texture, taste, expiration, and other qualities. These parameters include acidity, peroxide value, free fatty acids, salt concentrations, and more. Titration can also be used in research to develop new food and beverage products.

Each industry must comply with different regulatory standards, but all labs share one thing: the need to trust reliable equipment. YSI and Xylem Lab Solutions offers cost-effective titrators and accessories for labs in the Wastewater Industry.

Titration in the wastewater process plant plays a vital role in water monitoring and the treatment of the water. Municipal wastewater treatment plants utilize titration to monitor water hardness (alkalinity) and chloride. These parameters enable technicians to use the appropriate amount materials to treat the water. Over and undertreating wastewater can be dangerous to human health which is why reproducible accurate results are essential to this industry.

Xylem Lab Solutions offers cost-effective titrators and accessories for labs in the Pharma Industry.

Titration in the pharmaceutical industry is a highly important qualitative analysis for quality control and quality assurance purposes. Titrations are used to monitor both the raw materials and the final product to ensure that quality standards are held up throughout the manufacturing process. This analytical method is important because certain compounds and concentrations can be detected by titration.

Karl Fischer (KF) titration, the analysis of water, is an example of an important method in pharmaceuticals. A method is highly selective for water that detects down to the ppm level in samples. Water is an essential parameter to monitor in pharmaceuticals because it affects the quality, stability, and shelf life of the product. 

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Looking to increase throughput while maintaining accurate and reproducible results? YSI offers a robust portfolio of automated titrators, autosamplers, and computer software to provide you with a custom solution for your unique laboratory needs. Increase accuracy, efficiency and throughput capabilities while also maintaining GLP and ISO 900X standards.

Required to monitor the water content for sample quality? TitroLine’s Karl Fischer titrators provides options for measuring water content with options that include coulometric and volumetric methods. Designed with accuracy, safety, and precision, TitroLine Karl Fischer units are a reliable addition to any laboratory.

Need a budget-focused solution for increasing accuracy and precision in titration results but the SOP still requires manual titration? YSI offers a comprehensive portfolio of manual titrators that provide just that. With advanced features that include an intuitive user interface, intelligent exchangeable burettes, and the ability to program automated result calculations this unit is the perfect option. 

TitriSoft is the optimum software solution for all titration tasks. In addition to the pre-installed methods, has the capacity to store 50 additional user methods. Provides a user-friendly interface to store data securely and effortlessly on a PC. Compatible with Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 and a CFR 21 part 11 compliant version is available for FDA regulated facilities.