YSI Titrators are designed to ensure complete accuracy and precision in the laboratory for a variety of industries and applications. Our titrators, and compatible accessories, efficiently determine concentration levels and quickly detect equivalency points accurately. Our products bring convenience and durability, while also meeting GLP and ISO 900X standards, and simultaneously increasing sample throughput.

Our Karl Fischer Titrators are designed to serve various applications and industries with the ability to titrate liquid, solid and gaseous samples. The Karl Fischer Titrators provide unique solutions for all user specifications, including Coulometric and Volumetric measurements for differing water contents. Regardless of the various applications, the Karl Fischer Titrators serve, Xylem Lab Solutions provides unwavering product quality and support. The combination of an intuitive digital display and user-friendly software integration provides an efficient process to accurately detect precise endpoints. With safety being a top priority, Xylem Lab Solutions’ enclosed burette design improves operator safety by limiting exposure to harmful chemicals.

TitroLine® 7500 KF 20 mL Exchangeable Unit for TITRONIC® 500 10 mL Exchangeable Unit for TITRONIC® 500 5 mL Exchangeable Unit for TITRONIC® 500

7500 KF

20 mL Unit

10 mL Unit

5 mL Unit

TitroLine® 7500 KF Trace TitriSoft

7500 KF Trace