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Piston Burette for Manual Titrations

  • Overview

    The SI Analytics TITRONIC® 500 is the ideal piston burette for manual titrations, accurate dosing applications as well as the preparation of solutions. When used with TitriSoft 3.0, it acts as a titration burette or with the TitroLine®7000 and TitriSoft 3.0, it is an automatic dosing unit perfect to pre-dose a titrant.

    TITRONIC® 500 Features:

    • Intelligent interchangeable modules with 5, 10, 20 and 50 ml volume capacity
    • Connect to a printer and/or an analytical balance
    • Remote control access via RS232 or USB interface
    • Connect up to 16 devices using the two RS232 ports. The first burette is connected to one PC RS232 or USB port

  • Specifications
    Connectivity / Communications (2) USB Host, (1) USB-Slave (2) RS232
    Desktop Software Compatible TitriSoft 3.0
    Measurement Method / Channels Number of user methods: 50

    Burette resolution:  10,000

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