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The YSI dissolved oxygen (DO) handbook is the quickest, simplest way to learn about dissolved oxygen. It's a practical guide to dissolved oxygen measurements for water quality.

The Dissolved Oxygen Handbook will help you understand:

  • The primary dissolved oxygen sensor technologies (do you know how many there are?)
  • How to get the most accurate data possible
  • How to maintain DO sensors and improve your total cost of ownership

The Dissolved Oxygen Handbook | YSI DO

The contents of the DO Handbook include:

  • Introduction
  • Dissolved Oxygen Sensors
  • Comaring Optical and Electrochemical Sensing Technologies
  • Measuring Dissolved Oxygen with Either Sensor Type
  • Calibration
  • Taking Measurements
  • Probe Care and Maintenance
  • Appendix Items including the Oxygen Solubility Table and Calibration Values for Various Atmosphereic Pressure and Altitudes

The handbook has been downloaded thousands of times as a trusted resource for all things dissolved oxygen related.

Understanding which technology is right for your application, maintaining the sensors properly, and gathering the best dissolved oxygen data will ensure you know DO. This handbook will help you get there!

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