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Wastewater treatment facilities are faced with immense challenges.

Increasingly stringent discharge standards require removal of pollutants to very low levels while environmental and financial sustainability goals require minimizing energy and resource consumption. This is driving a change in the industry from 'treatment' to 'resource recovery' and is changing the name of these operations from 'Wastewater Treatment Plant' (WWTP) to 'Water Resource Recovery Facility' (WRRF). Utilities require technology that helps them improve process efficiency while maintaining or reducing operation and maintenance (O&M) costs.

Effective and Responsible Water Use

Wastewater Sampling
Spot sampling an aeration basin with the YSI Professional Plus.

Processes for water resource recovery are very complex and require sampling and monitoring multiple important parameters to maximize treatment and minimize expenses. For example, dissolved oxygen (DO) is measured to ensure that sufficient oxygen is present to promote microorganism growth and also prevent costly overuse of aeration equipment. ORP, pH, ammonium, ammonia, nitrate, solids, and orthophosphate are additional parameters used to optimize WRRF process control.

Process Productivity

Wastewater Monitoring
Continuous multiparameter process monitoring and control in wastewater with the expansive IQ SensorNet 2020 XT.

Compliance and process monitoring at a WRRF consists of spot sampling, laboratory analysis of collected samples, and continuous process monitoring, each of which can be completed using YSI instrument platforms. Our handheld instruments, such as the ODO200, ProODO®, ProPlus, and ProDSS, are ideal for quick spot sampling in the process and receiving waters, while our TruLab and MultiLab benchtop instruments feature everything needed for accurate analysis of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), pH, ammonia and many other parameters from collected samples. Our multi-parameter IQ SensorNet system provides continuous online process monitoring, while our EXO sondes can be deployed for extended periods in surface waters upstream and downstream from the facility. YSI has a wide range of water quality analytical instruments necessary to run an efficient and cost-effective facility.