TitroLine® 7800

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Universal Titrator with IDS technology

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  • Overview

    The YSI TitroLine® 7800 enhanced the universal features of the TitroLine® 7750 with an additional IDS® measurement input. Hence the TitroLine® 7800 is able to perform potentiometric titrations with analogue or IDS® electrodes up to volumetric Karl Fischer titrations. The IDS® measuring input is multifunctional. Digital sensors for the determination of pH and ORP value, the conductivity up to the dissolved oxygen can be connected.

    IDS® stands for "intelligent, digital sensors“ and means that the analog measuring signal is converted into a digital measuring value in the sensor. This protects the signal from external interferences, such as moisture, electro-magnetic fields or pulses. The higher measuring accuracy raises confidence in your readings to a whole new level.

    Key Features of the TitroLine® 7800 Universal Titrator with IDS Technology:

    • Highly visible full color display, that can be easily viewed from a distance and extreme angles
    • With new interchangeable modules which all relevant reagent and unit data can be stored
    • Thanks to the 2 x USB-host, 1 x USB-PC and 2 x RS232 ports very expandable. Connectable are e.g. USB keyboard, USB printer, barcode reader, USB flash drives, balances, PC and further devices such as piston burettes and sample changers
    • Storage of results using via USB port (PDF – and CSV -format) including method transfer
    • With standard methods for potentiometric and KF titration
    • Second digital measuring port for intelligent digital sensors (IDS)

  • Specifications

    0.1 mV 1 Digit

    Connectivity / Communications 1 x LAN, 2 x USB-A, 1 x USB-B 2 x RS 232

    Color graphics 3.5 inches -1/4 VGA TFT display with 320x240 pixels

    Keypad Polyester coated
    Measurement Range

    Measurement range pH/mV: - 3.0 ... 18.00 / - 2000 ... 2000 0.001

    Measurement range µA: 0 ... 100

    Measurement range temperature °C: -40 … 170 °C


    Display resolution µA:  0.1

    Display resolution pH/mV: 0.1 0.002

    Display resolution °:  0.1


    15.3 x 45 x 29.6 cm (W x H x D) Weight: 2.3 kg for basic unit, 3.5 kg for complete device incl. interchangeable unit

    Smart Sensors / Ports Yes, 2 (IDS), 1 (analog)

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