A162 2M-DIN-ID pH Electrode

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pH-combination electrode with sensor recognition for TitroLine® 7000, TitroLine®  7500 KF, and TitroLine® 7800. It features a glass shaft, Pt junction, electrolyte KCl 3 mol/l, Silamid® reference, temperature sensor Pt 1000, sphere membrane, A glass, 2 m fixed cable with DIN + 4 mm banana plug and recognition, length 120 mm, 12 mm Ø, -5...+100 °C, 0...14 pH

  • Overview

    SI Analytics, a Xylem Lab Solution, is a global manufacturer of high-quality meters and sensors for pH/ORP, ISE, dissolved oxygen (D.O.), and conductivity. Electrodes are designed for a variety of applications in the laboratory or the field. Robust and reliable sensors for accuracy and precision measurements.

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