TitroLine® 7000

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Advanced Titrator

  • Overview

    As a rule 10 –15 user methods are usually enough for the most requirements. But sometimes you need a little bit more capacity. The SI Analytics TitroLine® 7000 can store up to 50 user methods.

    Highest safety for measuring and calibrating through wireless sensor recognition for SCHOTT® Instruments ID-electrodes. The new electrodes with definite identification are sending their specific data wireless to the titrator. Therefore the TitroLine® 7000 uses always the correct calibration data. Erroneous measurements are excluded.

    With a pH stat application a given pH is first adjusted and then kept constant at the certain time with an acid or a base. The pH stat titration is applied to e.g.

    • The determination of the enzyme activity
    • The pH stat elution of soil sample at pH 4
    • The monitoring of the pH value during chemical syntheses

    The TitroLine 7000 is perfect for non-aqueous titrations. Eliminate the need for special electrodes (e.g. separate indicator, reference and auxiliary electrodes) with the built-in amplifier–ideal for titrations in non-aqueous solvents such as:

    • Acid and base numbers in oils
    • Titrations in glacial acetic acid with perchloric acid
    • Hydroxyl, NCO (Isocyanate) number and further specific values

    It is possible to detect and calculate up to 2 equivalence points during one titration. Thanks to this it is possible to determine also the Calcium and Magnesium hardness instead of only the total hardness.

  • Specifications

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