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This new TitroLine® 5000 automatic titrator combines a syringe burette and pH/mV meter plus integrated intelligence.  This intelligence carries out the parameterisation of the method for you.  The new Titrator TitroLine® 5000 offers even more features than its predecessor and is even more convenient to use.

  • Overview

    The TitroLine® 5000 does not require special training or deeper knowledge is not necessary for precise and quick results! Use the TitroLine® 5000 to achieve: 

    • High-resolution pH/mV-measurement input for pH-, ORP-, silver - and further mV-electrodes
    • Pt 1000 and NTC 30 temperature measurement input for automatic temperature compensation
    • Pre-installed standard methods for FOS/TAC, alkalinity, total acidity in drinks, chloride etc
    • Linear and dynamic titration to equivalence points
    • Titration to pH and mV-end points

    Typical applications of water/wastewater and environmental analysis:

    • pH-value, alkalinity (p+m-value)
    • FOS/TAC (see titration curve and result screen as an example)
    • Total Kjeldahl nitrogen
    • Permanganat index and COD
    • Chloride in wastewater

    Typical applications of food analysis:

    • Salt content (chloride, sodium chloride)
    • pH-value, total acidity in wine, drinks and other food products
    • Ascorbic acid
    • Protein determination (Kjeldahl-nitrogen in milk and dairy products)
    • Iodine and peroxide value

    The available TitroLine® 5000 configurations include:

    Recommended Accessories: Mini-Keyboard 285220410, amber glass reagent bottle 285220590

    Don't forget to add an electrode and an electrode cable!

    Want to learn about YSI's full line of titration systems and features? Visit our titration homepage

    You can also download The Titration Handbook - the comprehensive guide to titration fundamentals and common applications.

  • Specifications
  • Accessories

    BlueLine 11 pH

    pH electrodes for universal applications for lab and field

    - High-performance membrane glass
    - 3 mol/l KCl liquid electrolyte
    - Easy to clean glass shaft
    - Platinum wire junction
    - BlueLine 11 pH: S7 pug head

    BlueLine combination electrode for TitroLine® 5000, TitroLine® 7000, TitroLine®  7500 KF, and TitroLine® 7800. Featuring a glass shaft, platinum junction, electrolyte KCl 3 mol/l, Ag/AgCl-reference system, cone membrane, A-glass, plug head, length 120 mm, 12 mm Ø, -5...+100 °C, 0...14 pH

    Do not forget to get a cable for your electrode. Choose your cable! 

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