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This new TitroLine® 5000 automatic titrator combines a syringe burette and pH/mV meter plus integrated intelligence.  This intelligence carries out the parameterisation of the method for you.  The new Titrator TitroLine® 5000 offers even more features than its predecessor and is even more convenient to use.

  • Overview

    The predecessor of the TitroLine® 5000, TitroLine® easy, has always been the first choice if you where looking for a very easy-to-use automatic titrator for any application. A special training or a deeper knowledge of automatic titration was not necessary to get precise and quick results. That and much more is exactly what the new TitroLine® 5000 stands for:

    • High resolution pH/mV-measurement input for pH-, ORP-, silver - and further mV-electrodes
    • Pt 1000 and NTC 30 temperature measurement input for automatic temperature compensation
    • Pre-installed standard methods for FOS/TAC, alkalinity, total acidity in drinks, chloride etc
    • Linear and dynamic titration to equivalence points
    • Titration to pH and mV-end points

    Typical applications of water/wastewater and environmental analysis:

    • pH-value, alkalinity (p+m-value)
    • FOS/TAC (see titration curve and result screen as example)
    • Total Kjeldahl nitrogen
    • Permanganat index and COD
    • Chloride in wastewater

    Typical applications of food analysis:

    • Salt content (chloride, sodium chloride)
    • pH-value, total acidity in wine, drinks and other food products
    • Ascorbic acid
    • Protein determination (Kjeldahl-nitrogen in milk and dairy products)
    • Iodine and peroxide value

    Want to learn about YSI's full line of titration systems and features? Visit our titration homepage

    You can also download The Titration Handbook - the comprehensive guide to titration fundamentals and common applications.

  • Specifications

    systematic error 0.15 %, random error 0.05 % in compliance with EN ISO 8655-6

    Certifications ISO 8655, part 6, EMC: 2004/108/EG; safety EG- Directive 2006/95
    Connectivity / Communications USB-A, USB-B, RS-232-C

    0000,000...9999,999 ml, 0.005-0.025 ml (depending on dosing unit)

    Keypad The unit is operated using the keys on the device itself, the controller TZ 3880 and optional PC-keyboard (USB)
    Measurement Method / Channels pH/mV-input with Electrode socket according to DIN 19 262 or additional with BNC socket insert (Z 860)
    Measurement Range

    0.005-0.025 ml (depending on dosing unit)

    Power 100 -240 V~; 50/60 Hz, power input 30 VA

    135 x 310 x 205 mm (W x H x D), including dosing unit, without stirrer, 2.3 kg (without stirrer)

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