N6480 Eth pH Electrode

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pH combination electrode for TitroLine® 5000, TitroLine® 7000, TitroLine®  7500 KF, and TitroLine® 7800. An electrode for titrations in non-aqueous media, Glass shaft, ground joint-junction, electrolyte L 5034, Ag/AgCl-reference system, sphere membrane, A-glass, length 170 mm, 12 mm Ø, 0...+40 °C, 0...14 pH

  • Overview

    SI Analytics, a Xylem Lab Solution, is a global manufacturer of high-quality meters and sensors for pH/ORP, ISE, dissolved oxygen (D.O.), and conductivity. Electrodes that are designed for a variety of applications in the laboratory or the field. Robust and reliable sensors for accuracy and precision measurements.

    Used for applications that include determination of free fatty acids, determination of nicotine in liquids, and more

  • Specifications

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