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7 Reasons to Upgrade from the 600LS to ProSwap Logger | Water Level Monitoring

For years, the 600LS has been the go-to instrument for unattended water level measurement, but evolutions in technology have taken monitoring to a whole new level (pun intended). Now as we approach the end of 2021, it’s time to retire another member of the 6-Series family of sondes.

Replacing the 600LS is the newly released ProSwap Logger, which builds on proven YSI technology to boost your monitoring program with more features and better data.

So let’s take a look at the top 7 reasons to upgrade to ProSwap Logger.

1. 600LS Has Been Discontinued

Perhaps the most obvious reason to switch to ProSwap Logger (or PSL) is that YSI is no longer offering the 600LS Water Level Sonde. YSI is always committed to serving our customers the best we can, so we will continue to support the 600LS for 5 years after the date of purchase, with any necessary repairs.

As innovative as the 6-Series Sondes were, significant advancements to water quality instrumentation over the last 20 years led to the development of the groundbreaking EXO Sonde Platform. While EXO replaced most of the 6-Series, certain purpose-built sondes (like the 600LS) were able to hold their ground.

With the new PSL, we have created the direct replacement for the 600LS as an affordable solution to water level monitoring.

2. Features You Love

No need to worry – ProSwap Logger keeps all the features you loved from the 600LS!

PSL is a powerful instrument in a small package. The slim profile easily slides into most groundwater wells, deployment pipes, or other tight and shallow spaces (as narrow as 2 inches). The on-board memory is able to hold over 100,000 data sets (including date, time, site, and parameters), making it ideal for short or long-term deployments. 

Integration into existing systems is simple with options for SDI-12 communication, flying lead adapters, and your choice of internal battery or external power supply. PSL can also connect to a ProSwap handheld (or ProDSS) to view data or set up deployments

PSL is still able to fit down 2-inch wells, connect to data collection platforms and handheld displays, and log internally over long deployments. But why stop there?

 3. CTD and More Sensor Options

While the 600LS had an option to add conductivity, the ProSwap Logger features a built-in temperature and depth sensor as well as a single port for any additional ProDSS water quality sensor. This makes it easy to add a conductivity sensor if you need salinity compensation for CTD (conductivity, temperature, and depth) measurements, or swap that out for a turbidity sensor, dissolved oxygen sensor, total algae or other parameter that’s more important to your project.

Our digital smart sensors are easy to swap back and forth since they all use the same style connector and hold their own calibration. They also provide faster readings, better communication, and superior accuracy. With 10 sensors and over 20 parameters to choose from, ProSwap Logger is a great way to add the most advanced sensor technology to your level measurements for more comprehensive data.

4. Proven Data Quality

One of the reasons people have relied on the 600LS for so long was the incredible accuracy in level measurements. ProSwap Logger boasts the same vented level accuracy of +0.01 feet (0.003 m) from 0-32.8 foot (0-10 m) depths.

Of course, you can also rely on our conductivity (0-100 mS/cm with accuracy +/-0.5% and 100-200 mS/cm with accuracy +/-1.0%), salinity, or any other parameter you add to PSL.

5. Flexible Deployment

The ProSwap Logger may be small, but it has powerful capabilities! PSL easily fits in 2-inch groundwater wells, deployment pipes, and other tight and shallow spaces.

A variety of power and deployment options are also available to customize your system. If you choose a batteryless PSL, the Top Side Power Pack can supply power for over 90 days (at a 15 minute log interval). Or if you’d rather integrate your PSL into your data collection platform, we offer a Flying Lead Adapter for quick connection and setup.

For more information on deployment options, review these four key buying decisions.

6. Reliable Connection

A variety of cable lengths are available with both vented and non-vented options. Unlike the 600LS, the cable is integral (rather than detachable), but this makes communication even easier. Now you can download data by simply connecting a ProDIGITAL handheld without removing the sonde from its deployment location.

The military-style locking connector ensures quick and secure cable hook-ups to handheld meters, the external Power Pack, or cable adapters for flying leads or USB connection.

The USB Adapter lets you connect your PSL to your computer running Kor Software so you can calibrate your sonde and sensors, set up deployments, and download data. You can also use the USB Adapter to power or charge your ProSwap Logger!

7. Ultimate Durability

If your instruments are designed to be left unattended for long-term monitoring projects, they need to be built to last. ProSwap Logger and all of the digital smart sensors are made with a sealed titanium housing to protect your equipment (and your data!) from the most challenging environments. These ultra-rugged components guarantee operation well into the future. Even our handheld meters are tough, waterproof, and ergonomic.

Read more about how our meters have survived some extreme situations.

We’re proud of the service our 6-Series Sondes were able to provide, but we’re excited to offer ProSwap Logger as a modern alternative for water level monitoring or CTD measurements.

If you have any questions about ProSwap Logger – or finding the instrument that’s right for you – reach out and talk to our experts.

4 Key Decisions When Buying a ProSwap Logger

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