TitroLine® 6000

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SI Analytics TitroLine® 6000 offers many benefits and is the ideal entry into the potentiometric titration and the perfect choice for applications with food and beverage, wastewater, and environmental analysis.  Thanks to the high-resolution and precise pH/mV and “dead-stop” measuring interface is it possible to determine a wide range of parameters.

  • Overview

    The simple and easy-to-use TitroLine® 6000 does not sacrifice performance when doing potentiometric titrations.  The TitroLine® 6000 is the ideal choice for food and beverage applications such as QA/QC, R&D, food science and nutritional evaluation.

    Features of the TitroLine® 6000 include:

    • High resolution pH/mV electrode and temperature inputs for pH, ISE, redox or photometric titrations
    • Polarizable electrode input for set endpoint applications
    • Available standard methods such as FOS/TAC, alkalinity, total acidity in soft drinks
    • Linear (fixed increment) and dynamic equivalence point titration modes
    • Titrations to pH, mV and µA end-point
    • Manual titration mode and routine dosing tasks are also available

    Applications of water, wastewater, and environmental analysis:

    • pH-value, alkalinity ("p+m-value")
    • Permanganate index
    • COD
    • Total Kjeldahl nitrogen
    • FOS/TAC
    • Chloride in wastewater
    • Free and Total Chlorine in drinking water
    • Total hardness (sum of Ca+ and Mg+)
    • Dissolved oxygen

    Applications of food analysis:

    • Salt content (chloride, sodium chloride)
    • pH-value, total acidity in wine, beverages and food products
    • Formol number in fruit and vegetable juices
    • Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C)
    • Calcium in milk and dairy products
    • Protein determination (Kjeldahl-nitrogen) in milk and dairy products
    • Reducing sugar in wine and juices
    • Iodine number, peroxide number, free fatty acids and saponification number
    • Determination of free and total sulfurous acid in wine and must

  • Specifications

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