Optical Sensors for Online Nitrate Monitoring in Wastewater

Monitoring Nitrate for Wastewater Process Control

Nitrate is an important control parameter for many water resource recovery facilities (WRRF) which are required to denitrify wastewater. Two styles of immersible, reagentless probes are available for online nitrate monitoring: optical and ion selective electrode (ISE). An optical sensor costs more upfront than an ion Nitrate Monitoring | YSI IQ SensorNetselective electrode but the cost of ownership is typically lower. Optical spectral sensors offer the option to also monitor nitrite, COD, BOD, TOC, and TSS, which are important wastewater parameters on their own. In this on-demand webinar, find out how to get timely and precise data for efficient wastewater process control.

The webinar will cover several important topics to help the operator to select the most cost-effective sensor for a particular application by explaining the differences between the types of optical absorption sensors on the market. Case study information will also be presented demonstrating how IQ SensorNet customers are using optical sensors to control their process. 

Webinar Highlights: 

• Principles of measurement 
• Types of sensors 
• Applications 
• Case studies 
• IQ SensorNet UV and UV VIS sensors 

The YSI IQ SensorNet system is a modular water quality system for a complete sensor network ideal for various installation needs. The modular system can accept additional sensors easily at any time. This is a IQSN Webinarpowerful system to continuously measure water quality parameters anywhere in a facility for process control.

Immediate benefits include better network visibility and management, early detection of network failures, improved compliance with regulatory targets and cost savings (energy, pump/blower maintenance, labor).

The system is capable of measuring:

•Dissolved oxygen (optical or electrochemical)
•Turbidity - ultrasonic cleaning
•TSS (total suspended solids) - ultrasonic cleaning
•COD (chemical oxygen demand) - ultrasonic cleaning
•TOC (total organic carbon) - ultrasonic cleaning
•DOC (dissolved organic carbon share of TOC) - ultrasonic cleaning
•SAC (spectral absorption coefficient) - ultrasonic cleaning
•BOD (biochemical oxygen demand) - ultrasonic cleaning

The 2020XT system accommodates up to 20 sensors for the above listed parameters in any combination. Any sensor can also be changed out at any time without re-wiring if another parameter is needed. Simply change sensors (parameters) and start getting data for the new parameter.

The IQ SensorNet terminal has an easy-to-read digital display. The terminal can be kept at a fixed location or easily disconnected and added to a module for a simple mobile terminal solution. You just pull it off its location and move it to the new location without tools and within seconds.

The terminal features include:

• Centralized power supply along the entire network
• 2-wire cable provides power and data transfer
• Easily select relays and analog outputs
• Digital outputs also available with Profibus or Modbus
• Optional modem connection via analog or GSM modem
• Wireless connection via radio transmission
• Easily add measuring points along the network
• Multi-functional USB interface with fast data exchange
• Programmable password protection
• LED status update
• If two terminals are used, the second one would take over automatically if the first one fails or loses  
  power, etc.

The YSI IQ SensorNet will provide continuous nitrate monitoring data and help improve process efficiency while saving money on energy costs, maintenance, and labor.

Building a system is easy: you will need a terminal(s), module(s), cable(s) and sensor(s). All you need to do is determine which parameters you want to measure and where. After that, the IQ SensorNet takes care of the work.



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analysis of leaching column stream : ph , conductivity , no3- , etc.,


Dear Sir, We are interested in Online analyser to know the percentage of Nitrite and Nitrate presence in our process water which will be finally responsible for generation of such impurities in our finish product. Pls. submit us your techno commercial proposal at the earliest. Pls. do let us know If you have local representative in India & share contact details to understand about this product.


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