Solving Water Resource Recovery Issues with Monitoring and Control

Monitoring and Control Solves Water Resource Recovery Issues

The YSI IQ SensorNet modular, continuous water quality monitoring and control system is capable of assisting many Wastewater Operators with their daily challenges. Water Resource Recovery Facilities all face new realities in their daily operations and the IQ system functions as an automated system to help eliminate costs, wasted energy, and extra time. 

Follow a real wastewater operator in his scenario of how the IQ SensorNet water quality system helps with his four main issues:

  1. “We already spend a fortune on energy and costs just keep rising. How can I reduce energy costs for aeration and pumping without lowering my treatment performance?"
  2. “Our new permit includes a compliance schedule for phosphorus. It’s another thing we have to do but we are also under pressure to keep costs down. How do I make sure that we meet the new requirements without a huge increase in the operating budget?"
  3. “Trying to do more with less has been a challenge. Is there low-maintenance online monitoring to cut down on the multiple grab samples we do per day freeing up staff for other important tasks?”
  4. “Planning for future needs is always tough. I need equipment that meets my needs today that my team can maintain and expand when necessary without having to buy a service contract or call in dedicated or specialized experts.”


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