7 Tips to Fight Fouling and Extend Water Quality Sonde Deployments | Webinar

Learn the Latest on Sonde Deployments

We invite you to view the recorded version of the Webinar Fighting Fouling: 7 Tips to Extend Sonde Deployments. Our team of technical experts share strategies for reducing maintenance intervals on water quality data sondes used in continuous long-term monitoring applications. We'd like to help your team spend more time analyzing data and making informed decisions and less time maintaining instrumentation!

During this presentation Product Manager, Brandon Smith, Field Applications Engineer, Tiffany Schirmer, and Technical Support Leader Tom Moeggenberg share results and lessons learned from a collective 25 years of monitoring experience. Learn the steps you can take to prevent Mother Nature from wreaking havoc with your data quality, and discover what new technology is available with the EXO Sonde Platform that will extend sonde deployments longer than ever before.

Interested in Better Long-Term Water Quality Data?

1-Hour Webinar Highlights

  • Importance of high frequency, high resolution data
  • Impacts of sensor fouling on data quality
  • 7 tips and tricks to prevent biofouling accumulation
  • 2 household items that slow biological growth rates
  • Proper setup and care of monitoring sites
  • Using telemetry to determine site maintenance frequency
  • The real cost associated with short maintenance intervals


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