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Brock: We're located in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida, and here we are the center of excellence for YSI's Integrated Systems and Services.
Matt: YSI Integrated Systems and Services provides complete solutions for customers and their environmental monitoring objectives.
Brock: We can offer, with our systems, everything from start to finish.
Matt: A lot of people aren't prepared for what goes into the maintenance and the installation of new equipment. They know what they need, what kind of data they need, but applying that properly is not necessarily so simple.
Brock: I will work with the engineers to fine-tune that project to where it's a viable solution.
Matt: Our job is to bring in our expertise to install that equipment and, if we can, provide maintenance services that will allow them to get more robust continuous data sets and higher-quality information.
Brock: We do everything here from start to finish to getting it out to the customer.
Matt: Well, there's nothing else like the YSI's vertical profiling system. The system collects immense amounts of data, both spatially and temporally, by moving a water quality instrument up and down the water column and collecting data at various points within that.
Kevin: What it offers to our customers, it takes our flagship multiparameter water quality instrument (EXO sondes) and raises and lowers it through the entire water column. We have several depth options, you can start at 50 meters or 100 meters, and we have several platform options. Today, we're looking at our pontoon version but we also have this in a buoy version, for more extreme environments, and we also have it in a fixed version, for bulkhead mounting. 


The big value proposition of the water quality vertical profiler is cost savings. We're looking at the amount of suspended solids in the water column, making intake depth decisions, we're looking at dissolved oxygen, making management practice decisions for the reservoir, and other things that reduce the cost of overall treatment.
Matt: We have very robust, strong solutions that will last a very long time, for long-term monitoring.



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