Why to Switch from the YSI ProODO to ProSolo DO Meter

8 Reasons to Upgrade from the ProODO to ProSolo DO Meter

(Updated August 2021)

YSI commercialized the first practical dissolved oxygen sensor using the Clark Polarographic electrode in 1962. Since then, YSI has released many revolutionary platforms for the measurement of dissolved oxygen. In 2008, we released our first handheld optical dissolved oxygen instrument designed for sampling applications – the ProODO. Over the past 10 years, this handheld has dominated the sampling market on its way to becoming one of the most important products in YSI’s history. With the release of the YSI ProSolo, the time has come to retire the ProODO.

Here are the top 8 reasons to Go Solo, but check out the ProODO and ProSolo Comparison Guide for even more!

1) More Probe Options

ProODO to ProSolo Probe Options

Any Pro Series cable with digital, integrated (i.e. built-in) sensors can connect to the ProSolo. Compatible options include:

  • ODO/T assembly (627200) with a built-in optical DO sensor.
  • ODO/CT assembly (627150) with built-in conductivity and optical DO sensors. This probe is ideal for measuring DO in any application requiring accurate, real-time salinity-compensated DO measurements.
  • ProOBOD assembly (626400 and 626401) with a built-in optical BOD sensor for use in a lab. This is the lab BOD assembly currently used with the ProODO.

If you are a ProODO customer, the good news is that your current ProODO cable assembly (626250) will also work with ProSolo. If you don’t already have a ProODO system, we recommend using the ODO/T with the ProSolo – see points #2 and #3 below.

The ProSolo platform can be expanded to include other probe and cable assemblies, so we would like to hear from you regarding other sensors you would like to see added to the platform!

2) Better Dissolved Oxygen Accuracy

ProODO to ProSolo Better Dissolved Oxygen Accuracy

One of the reasons the ProODO has dominated the sampling market is its superior DO accuracy, but the new ProSolo ODO/T assembly is even more accurate than the legacy ProODO assembly in the 20-50 mg/L range (ODO/T: ± 8% of reading; ProODO assembly: ± 10% of reading). Accuracy in the 0-20 mg/L range is the same (± 0.1 mg/L or 1% of reading, whichever is greater).

3) Better Sensor Cap Warranty

ProODO to ProSolo Sensor Cap Warranty

YSI has been manufacturing optical dissolved oxygen sensor caps for over a decade. As part of the ODO/CT project in 2016, we designed an even more rugged sensor cap with a 2-year warranty. This longer-lasting cap not only comes pre-installed on the ODO/CT, it also comes pre-installed on the new ProSolo ODO/T assembly. The ProODO was an easy system to maintain – simply change the sensor cap about once per year. With the 2-year warranty cap, the ProSolo is even easier to maintain! 

4) Backup Your Data on the Spot

ProODO to ProSolo USB Data Backup

The ProSolo features a built-in micro USB On-The-Go port that allows data to be easily sent to a flash drive, even while in the field! Data sets can be sent in a single CSV file, making data analysis in Microsoft Excel® quick and easy. The built-in design also simplifies connection of the ProSolo to a PC, as there is no need to use an external communication saddle like was needed with the ProODO.

5) Better for the Environment

ProODO to ProSolo Battery

The ProSolo is powered by a long-life rechargeable lithium-ion battery, while the ProODO was powered by disposable, C-size alkaline batteries. The ProSolo’s battery can be recharged many times, making the ProSolo a much more environmentally friendly system than the ProODO. The lithium-ion battery also ensures peak performance, even if the battery is low on power.

The ProSolo’s rechargeable battery will last for several days of sampling before it needs to be recharged. When it does come time to recharge, an AC adapter, a PC, or an optional car charger can be used. Also available is an optional external battery pack if you need to charge the instrument in the middle of a sampling session and there’s no other power source available.

6) A Huge Memory

ProODO to ProSolo Memory

The ProSolo’s memory is 20x larger than ProODO’s!  By being able to save over 100,000 data sets to the handheld, we have ensured you won’t run out of room anytime soon (if ever!). If you do need more room but you still need to access the data, simply download to KorDSS and then delete the data from the handheld.

7) Never Forget When It’s Time to Replace Your Cap

ProODO to ProSolo DO Cap Reminder

We received feedback from several ProODO customers who wanted to be reminded when the optical DO sensor cap should be changed. Although the interval for replacing a sensor cap varies based on how often the sensor is used, sampling conditions, and how well it has been cared for, there are a lot of customers that have a good understanding of how long their caps typically last. As a result of this feedback, we have added a convenient ODO cap replacement reminder to the ProSolo. Please keep in mind caps should last at least as long as their warranty period, but many customers have caps that last 6 or more months past the warranty period!

8) More Advanced Display

ProODO to ProSolo Display Screen

Not only is the color screen on the ProSolo easy to see, we’ve also added the ability to view graphs right on the display. Graphs can be viewed when logging live data and calibrating, making it much easier to determine when measurements are stable. Data already logged can also be viewed on a graph.

Site pictures can easily be added to the ProSolo. This can help ensure data are collected at the same location each and every time, even if there are different users collecting data.

The ProSolo is more than just a direct replacement for the ProODO, it is an evolution of DO handheld instruments. If you still aren’t convinced the ProSolo is a worthy replacement of the ProODO, download the ProODO and ProSolo Comparison Guide. If you have any questions about the ProSolo, please contact us!


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