Advantages of Smart Sensors and Ports on Water Quality Sondes

Water Quality Sondes Smart Sensors

The EXO sonde water quality monitoring platform was designed for your monitoring needs well into the next decade. The platform can be used across many applications and in many different configurations and was one of the key design considerations when development started a few years ago.

One way we simplify the use of the EXO sondes is to use smart sensors and ports that automatically recognize when a sensor is installed. All the setup and configuration of the sensor are automatic, allowing the user to configure the sonde for the application at hand. The platform will even support sensors that haven't been developed yet. YSI-EXO2-with-Sensors.jpg

EXO is also rugged because environmental monitoring is often at challenging sites and in remote environments. (Read the blog - How to Overcome 5 Water Quality Monitoring Challenges). Using soda (cola, pop, or whatever you may call it) to 'contaminate' a sensor port shows how the platform holds up to less than ideal environments - see the video below. The ports don't directly apply power in the water, so there is no risk of shorting.

The sonde and sensor handshake when powering up to make sure everything is working properly, and during use, the EXO will continuously monitor the health of the sensors.

All of this technology results in a simpler platform that is more robust and easier to use for diverse monitoring needs well into the future.



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