YSI ProDSS When the Environment Demands It

Why is the ProDSS the Best Water Quality Handheld Meter?

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Laura: Hi, my name is Laura St. Pierre, and I'm a Product Manager here at YSI. YSI has been manufacturing instrumentation in Yellow Springs, Ohio, for almost 70 years. Today, the Yellow Springs manufacturing facility employs over 200 people. Our newest water quality instrument, the ProDSS, is not only manufactured here in Yellow Springs, but was also designed and developed right here at the same facility. The ProDSS is a multiparameter water quality instrument.

Christopher: One of the most impressive features of the ProDSS is its ruggedness. It is drop-rated, drop-tested to one meter on concrete, waterproof, features military spec cable connectors, and can be used in any lighting condition. This rugged design will provide you accurate data in any weather condition year-round. The ProDSS is a true field instrument. The ProDSS is not only an accurate, rugged, and reliable instrument, but it is also very easy to use. For starters, the ProDSS can easily be held in one hand. Combined with the one-cable design, the instrument is very convenient to use in the field.

Perry: What ProDSS has done is take that best-in-class accuracy and built it into a product that is much easier to use. Not only is it easier to use, it's a more rugged and robust instrument and product design.
Laura: The ProDSS is designed to meet the needs of any water quality application, such as aquaculture, ground water, surface water, waste water, and coastal applications. Whether you're spot sampling, conducting a low-flow sampling session, profiling, or measuring samples in a lab, the ProDSS will make collecting accurate data easy and efficient. We guarantee the accuracy of the measurement through rigorous specification testing during development and final testing every component of the system, including the handheld, cable, and sensors before they leave our factory.


The ProDSS is ideal for multiple applications and accessories, such as a flow cell for groundwater, insure you get the most out of the instrument for your application.

Mark: At YSI, we individually check every handheld and sensor to ensure that it meets our specifications so that you get a quality product.
Laura: DSS stands for Digital Sampling System. The DSS utilizes digital smart sensors that can be installed in any port on the ProDSS cable. The smart sensors are automatically recognized by the instrument when connected. With the digital signal from the sensors, we can use cable lengths of up to 100 meters with the ProDSS. We took feedback from our customers who we've been partnering with for decades, and utilized the expertise within our facility to develop the ultimate in water quality field sampling and profiling instrumentation.


Digital, smart sensors are easy to install in the field and can be placed in any port.

Kristina: We have a great support team here at YSI. We all work together to put our customer needs first.
Laura: The ProDSS is ready to work for you, making your job easier when the environment demands it. 


Ask a Question or Request Pricing for the YSI ProDSS digital sampling system for:

Dissolved Oxygen (optical)
Specific Conductance
Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)
Seawater Density
Total Suspended Solids (TSS)
GPS Coordinates
Barometric Pressure

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it is so nice product in this world


If a normal person wanted to test their water at the sink at home to see if it was healthy and safe to drink - which model would be best for that type of person?


Please forward brochure about TSS and turbidity and conductivity and a list of distributors in Denmark.


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