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YSI ProDSS - Digital Sampling System, When the Environment Demands It

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The new YSI ProDSS (digital sampling system) is the most advanced handheld instrument available for water quality spot sampling and profiling studies. The ProDSS is designed to simplify fieldwork. It's a portable water quality multiparameter instrument with a single cable design that provides extreme flexibility for the measurement of dissolved oxygen with an optical sensor, turbidity, pH, ORP, conductivity, temperature, depth, ammonium, nitrate, and chloride.

The ProDSS Handheld can also record GPS coordinates of sampling locations and is capable of calculating specific conductance, salinity, TDS, resistivity, seawater density, TSS, and ammonia.

An optional depth sensor is compensated for barometric pressure by the handheld, resulting in highly accurate depth measurements.

Designed for use in applications such as surface water, groundwater, coastal, estuarine, and aquaculture, the rugged and reliable ProDSS utilizes smart user-replaceable sensor technology. The four sensor ports on the ProDSS cable are universal, allowing for the connection of any combination of sensors. Sensors are automatically recognized by the handheld, preventing the need to set up sensors, which is required with analog instrumentation. ProDSS smart sensors also retain calibration, even if disconnected from the instrument. ProDSS-Sensors-Diagram.jpg

The ProDSS has an easy-to-read backlit color display, the ability to store over 100,000 data sets, simple calibration procedures, USB on the go for PC connection and data backup, rechargeable battery, and a powerful data management program, KorDSS. All of which will make your sampling experience more convenient.

The help key shows context-sensitive help.

The instrument can be charged via AC power, PC power, external battery, or USB car charger.

The ProDSS is a true field instrument. The titanium smart sensors can be easily replaced in the field and our durable military-spec (MS) locking, bayonet-style cable connector ensures quick cable connection. A rugged and waterproof IP67 rubber over-molded instrument casing provides protection from the harsh demands of field sampling.

There are many options when ordering a ProDSS instrument. You can choose cables up to 100-meters, with or without a depth sensor. And the GPS feature is optional.

A whole range of accessories, such as cases, a flow cell, external battery packs, sensor guard weights, and standards are available to complete a ProDSS system.

The ProDSS will also work with YSI ODO sensors and cables to provide a DO and temperature-only instrument, or the ProOBOD optical BOD probe for use in the lab. Features such as digital technology, GPS capability, large memory capacity, a color screen, rechargeable battery, and the ability to measure turbidity and depth, make the ProDSS a truly unique and advanced sampling system.

We're sure you'll want to join the revolution in water quality sampling after seeing how this customer-centric technology can help you make a deep, powerful impact. The YSI ProDSS.




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