Aquaculture Monitoring & Control Webinar

Have you considered continuous monitoring and control instrumentation for your aquaculture or aquatic life support facility? Would you like to learn more about how continuously monitoring water quality can improve operational efficiency? Darrin Honious, YSI's Aquaculture Monitoring and Control Guru and Tyler Arnold, YSI's Aquaculture Technical Support Specialist discuss how several aquaculture facilities are using continuous monitoring and control to reduce energy costs and move towards more automation. Learn how easy it is to set-up, install and maintain YSI Aquaculture Expansion Modules at Florida Organica continuous and monitoring control system. 

Webinar Highlights: 

See how several aquaculture facilities are using continuous monitoring and control to improve operational efficiency 

Specific details on the facility's design and operation 

Implementation of the monitoring and control system including setpoints, sensor location, and other critical control parameters 

Dissolved oxygen monitoring and feeder control 

Installation and set-up overview 

Followed by a brief Q&A session 

Designed for aquaculture and aquatic life support systems, the YSI Monitoring and Control (M&C) platform integrates water quality monitoring, process control, automated feeding, alarming, and data management into one instrument or network of instruments depending on your facility’s size and needs – making the system completely scalable.

YSI continues to expand the M&C platform capabilities with the newly released expansion modules that provide additional inputs and outputs allowing for more flexibility and integration into SCADA and PLC systems. YSI’s M&C instruments can also help you manage your operation’s feeding cycle via our FeedSmart™ software. The FeedSmart software manages feed delivery based on user-selectable inputs for the number of daily feedings, daily feed weights, total biomass, and feed conversion ratios (FCRs) along with parameter control based on water quality values which reduces, or stops feed as water quality deteriorates.

The YSI monitors and expansion modules can be mixed and matched, allowing you to set up an effective monitoring and control network to help run your facility and automate many processes that may have been accomplished manually in the past allowing for increased efficiency and lower operational costs. This system is designed to be an easy-to-use, scalable solution that can grow with your facility. With the ability to measure many parameters using a variety of probes at multiple locations, we can help you design a total facility solution.

This platform includes the 5200A5500D and 5400 and allows you to continuously monitor parameters, including dissolved oxygen with optical or electrochemical technology, pH, ORP, conductivity, salinity, temperature, flow, level, TGP, UVT and CO2, while controlling your process for increased efficiency and productivity.

With our new IOEM and REM expansion modules, you have the capability to easily add analog input, outputs and relays to your network. The IOEM expansion modules inputs have the capability to accept most analog sensors and its 4-20 milliamp output can be easily interfaced to an existing PLC or used to control devices with a PID function. And when your livestock needs to be moved, we can help control the oxygen in your live haul tanks, with our 5500D multi-optical DO system. The 5500D accepts up to four optical DO and temp sensors and will control DO levels, saving money by not wasting expensive oxygen. Built-in alarming will notify you if levels fall outside optimal levels.


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