Improve Efficiency with Aquaculture Monitoring & Control Technology

Aquaculture Monitoring & Control Improves Efficiency

Increased environmental regulations, decreasing clean water availability, and increasing costs (to name just a few) are impacting the sustainability of the aquaculture industry. Aquaculture-logo-on-white.jpg

YSI is here to help. The brand you trust for world-class water quality sampling instrumentation and customer service has expanded its Aquaculture Monitoring & Control product line. Our focus is to help you solve these challenges by giving you innovative, cost-effective water quality monitoring and control products and services that make your job easier and improve the efficiency of your facilities.

Here is an informative overview of the YSI aquaculture monitoring and control system that covers product advancements to improve system performance, productivity, and efficiency.

Topics include:

  • optical-based dissolved oxygen
  • connectivity/networking options
  • automated feeding with YSI Feed Smart embedded software
  • data management with AquaManager and the AquaViewer App
  • alarming options

Applications for M&C systems include tank-based/RAS commercial aquaculture, aquaculture research, live haul, public aquariums, algae culture, and anyone interested in aquaculture monitoring and control technology to improve performance, productivity, and efficiency.

YSI Webinar | How Aquaculture Facilities are Benefiting from Automation with M&C Instruments. 

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