Aquaculture Monitoring & Control - Improve Facility Efficiency

Aquaculture and Monitoring & Control Technology

Designed specifically for aquaculture systems, the YSI 5200A (DO, pH, Conductivity, Salinity, ORP, Temperature), 5500D (optical DO) and 5400 (galvanic DO) integrate process control, feeding, alarming and data management into one product - or into an entire network. The M&C products make your job easier and can greatly improve the efficiency at your facility. Aquaculture-Monitoring-and-Control-Video-Image.jpg

Monitors at a Glance

Dependability. Monitoring and controlling with the 5200A, 5500D, and 5400 is managed by the instrument, not at a central PC or device. This provides security that an entire system won't fail.

Scalability. Easy to use with a low total overall cost of ownership. User-scalable as your facility needs change, unlike typical PLCs or DCPs. No engineers or programmers needed to change or add to the system.

Multiparameter and Multilocation Capability. With the ability to measure multiple probes, virtually any parameter, and multiple locations, you can design a total facility solution.

Feed Management. Feed Smart conditional feed timer software is included with every monitor. Very powerful feeding capabilities interface with most powered feeders. Manage feed delivery based on user-selectable inputs for the number of daily feedings, daily feed weights, total biomass, and feed conversion ratios (FCRs) along with parameter control based on water quality values which reduce, or stops, feeding as water quality deteriorates.

Improved Management Tools. With AquaManager, you will have access to quality data (water quality parameters, event logs, etc.) to better manage your operation and improved efficiency. SMS and email alarms quickly notify if parameters exceed user-defined limits. Data can be easily accessed remotely using AquaManager and/or our AquaViewer app.



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