YSI Brings Optical Dissolved Oxygen Technology to EcoSense Products

Optical Dissolved Oxygen Technology

YSI announces the release of the EcoSense® ODO200, the first handheld instrument to combine our highly regarded optical technology and economical EcoSense brand name. YSI EcoSense ODO Optical Dissolved Oxygen Meter

“The EcoSense ODO200 is for customers who don’t need our full-featured YSI ProSolo but still want an economical way to sample dissolved oxygen using our optical technology,” said Laura St. Pierre, Product Manager. “Adding this handheld capability to our easy-to-use, affordable EcoSense product line was a natural fit.”

The EcoSense ODO200’s optical technology, easy-to-use interface, and one-hand operation are designed for quick, accurate measurements. It also measures temperature, allowing the compact, ergonomically designed handheld to be used in the field across multiple dissolved oxygen sampling applications for % saturation or mg/L.

Also included are a one-year instrument, probe, and sensor cap warranty (typical life of 12-18 months); rugged, weighted optical field sensor; automatic shut-off; low-battery indicator and 100-hour battery life, and a 50 data-set reviewable memory.

Benefits of using YSI optical technology include:

  • no stirring requirements
  • no warm-up time
  • no electrolyte solutions
  • no electrode maintenance
  • no membranes (sensor cap)
  • no interferences from gases such as hydrogen sulfide

Adds St. Pierre, “Like with our YSI brand’s reputation, our EcoSense line is also known for its low cost of ownership over the course of its life. There really isn’t a better option on the market for customers who want our superior optical technology for measuring dissolved oxygen in a basic handheld.”

If you would like to know more about Dissolved Oxygen technologies, feel free to view the video below and download the DO Handbook.


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