Is it Hard to Change a Dissolved Oxygen Cap Membrane?

Not if you have 15 seconds. Seriously. OK, it may take you a little longer to grab the solution and take the cap out of the box. However, once you start adding the solution to the DO cap membrane until you screw it in place and wipe it off it's literally 15 seconds.

Whether you use a YSI 5906, 5908, 5909, 5912, 5913 or 5914 DO cap membrane for polarographic or galvanic probes, the process is the same.

The stretch over style dissolved oxygen membrane process has just been simplified by YSI. We pre-stretch the DO membrane onto a convenient screw-on style cap so replacement is efficient and quick. In addition, you get the same stretch on the membrane each time.

Check it out the video below and if you have any other dissolved oxygen meter needs check out YSI's We Know DO web page.



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