YSI Expert Tip 4 of 7 - Get Your Water Quality Sonde Field Ready

If you have been following our blog over the past few weeks, you are ready for YSI expert tip #4.  In tips #1 and #2 we learned it is very important to inspect the condition of the sensors and proper maintenance for the sensor conditions, and in tip #3, to make sure you have fully charged batteries and/or power supply.

Our fourth tip is simple, yet very important.

Tip #4:  Always Keep Firmware and Software Updated

Your water quality sonde and its data is only as up to date as the software.  If you remember in tip # 3, our YSI technical support team receives dozens of calls regarding battery related issues, so their golden rule of thumb is "always check your batteries."  A close second to this rule is "always make sure your equipment is up to date with firmware/software upgrades".  This is especially the case with newer technology like the latest YSI EXO, where the instrumentation is continuously improved by the R&D team and based on customer feedback.YSI Expert Tip 4 of 7 - Get Your Water Quality Sonde Field Ready

Chances are if you are running older versions of software or firmware, any issues you may experience with your equipment have been resolved in a more recent update.

So, before you calibrate your sensors, or record data - always make sure you're up to date so that you have the latest features for your sonde.  If you're using YSI 6-Series sondes, you can download the YSI Code-Updater from our website and this will update your sonde to the latest version.

If you're using an EXO sonde, you can visit the support section of EXOwater.com to download the latest firmware and software packages, or simply attempt an update within the desktop KOR program in the firmware section.   You do not need an active internet connection and adminstrative rights on your computer to successfully update equipment.

If you do have an EXO instrument, we recently released a new update at the end of January (2014), so please check out the website for more information.

Look for tip #5 next week, or feel free to watch the full webinar "Gearing Up For Sampling Season."

A special thanks to our technical support team for providing some of the information in this post. 



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