Dissolved Oxygen Monitoring Network

Compliance Monitoring for Major Dredging Operations

Dredging Preparation in SavannahThe Georgia Ports Authority along the Savannah River funded an extensive dredging project to allow the larger “Super Container” vessels to access one of the busiest ports in the United States. The port authority contracted an environmental engineering firm to monitor the dissolved oxygen and turbidity at several locations around the planned dredging locations both before and during operations.

Contractors and organizations used this data not only for compliance monitoring but to also employ a liquid oxygen injection system mounted on a barge while the dredging process was underway. This real-time data access allowed contractors to best utilize this system to maintain optimum dissolved oxygen levels in this historically anoxic area of the river.

The YSI Integrated Systems and Services team was contracted to supply and install the real-time water quality monitoring network and place the YSI multiparameter water quality sonde at designated site locations.

YSI also provided the infrastructure to securely mount these instruments at 3 different depths in the water column including a redundant instrument at each depth using a commercially certified diving team. These real-time systems continuously delivered data to various offices in the region, the USGS, USACE, USEPA, Savannah River Port Authority, and onsite site engineers and contractors using YSI’s web hosting service.

Monitoring Objectives:

• Real-time delivery of water quality data to on-site contractors for liquid oxygen injection management and water quality compliance

Xylem Analytics Equipment used:

• YSI multiparameter water quality sondes configured to measure dissolved oxygen, turbidity, salinity and temperature at 3 depths spanning 60 feet of water depth at each site including installation services


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