YSI's IQ SensorNet

With YSI, You Have a Choice

YSI IQ SensorNet is a network of online controllers and sensors designed for process monitoring and control at wastewater treatment plants. IQ SensorNet continuously monitors water quality throughout the wastewater treatment process, from influent through the effluent, increasing operational efficiency, lowering operating costs and improving performance ensuring your water resource recovery facility is within compliance and under budget.

The IQ SensorNet is a modular system of controllers, modules and sensors that can be customized to meet your facility’s needs. With its scalability, IQ SensorNet can be expanded at any time as your facility’s needs evolve – simply add a sensor or module to your existing network.

The IQ SensorNet is available as a 20-probe network with the 2020 3G controller, a 2-probe network with the 282 controller or a 4-probe network with the 284 controller. All controllers can measure up to 20 parameters, plus secondary parameters such as temperature. IQ SensorNet offers a full suite of probes including:

  • Dissolved Oxygen - FDO
  • Total Suspended Solids (TSS) – Visolid
  • Turbidity – VisoTurb
  • Reliable Ion Selective Electrodes on the VARiON sensor for Ammonium and Nitrate measurements
  • Full line of UV/VIS single wavelength and spectral sensors for measuring NOx, Nitrite, Nitrate, UVT-254, Carbon parameters (COD, BOD, TOC)
  • Alyza IQ Ortho-Phosphate analyzer
  • Alyza IQ Ammonium analyzer
  • Sludge level – IFL
  • pH and ORP – SensoLyt
  • And more!

Applications for IQ SensorNet include:

  • Dissolved oxygen monitoring and control
  • Ammonia based aeration control
  • Phosphorus removal chemical dosing
  • Mixed liquor suspended solids monitoring
  • Sludge wasting control
  • Nitrification and denitrification monitoring
  • Biological phosphorus removal monitoring
  • Effluent monitoring
  • Sludge blanket level monitoring
  • Sludge digestion monitoring
  • pH monitoring and control

YSI has been a trusted partner in the municipal industry for decades and, now more than ever, municipalities need a partner with the ability to improve their operational efficiency and increase cost savings.  We are here to support your good work with YSI’s IQ SensorNet system for continuous process monitoring and control, along with our extensive network of experts. With YSI, You Have A Choice in online sensors and controllers.