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Access live IQ SensorNet data 24/7, from anywhere with internet access

What is IQSN Mobile?

IQSN Mobile is a mobile application that provides instant access to an IQ SensorNet network of sensors and analyzers from a mobile device. This intuitive app displays live readings, data trends, sensor health notifications, maintenance reminders, and alarms. With IQSN mobile, view process data from the comfort of your office, home, or anywhere with internet access on a mobile device.

We developed IQSN Mobile for municipal water plants to help solve the daily challenges that municipal staff face. With ever-changing process needs, today's operators need a flexible solution to help them meet the strict demands of their day to day work. IQSN Mobile revolutionizes the way process data is consumed and used.

System Overview


IQSN Mobile Features

sensor health monitoring

Sensor Health Monitoring

Not sure if your sensors are in an optimal state for collecting process data? Take the guesswork out of sensor management. The YSI IQ SensorNet sensor check feature has expanded with IQSN Mobile. This app uses an intuitive color-coded system to keep you informed on the status of each sensor in your IQ SensorNet network.

sensor maintenance

Proactive Maintenance

Not sure who performed the last maintenance activity or what was done? Staying on top of sensor maintenance is crucial to collecting accurate and reliable data for process control, reporting, and monitoring. With IQSN Mobile's user-customizable maintenance reminders, plant staff can organize all maintenance activities conveniently in one place and log those activities once maintenance is completed.

mobile water data management

Mobile Data Management

Unable to download IQ SensorNet data directly from the controller? Don't worry – with IQSN Mobile you can quickly export measured data, maintenance history, system configuration, and sensor logbooks anywhere, anytime.

remote wastewater data

Remote Data Visibility

Not in front of an IQ SensorNet controller? With IQSN Mobile, process data goes wherever you go. Accessing live readings and instrument data has never been more convenient. Authorized plant staff members can access IQ SensorNet data on their mobile devices from anywhere with Internet access. Stay up to date on the condition of your process at all times.

What's Required to Setup IQSN Mobile?

Now that you know how IQSN Mobile will help you manage your process data more efficiently, you're probably wondering what's needed to add this innovative platform to your plant. IQSN Mobile consists of three components: an IQ SensorNet system, a Xylem Gateway with SIM card, and an IQSN Mobile app and data subscription.

IQ SensorNet System

IQSN Mobile first requires an IQ SensorNet system with a controller capable of outputting data through an Ethernet IP communication protocol. There are two categories of IQ SensorNet controllers – the 28X system, which measures 2-4 parameters, and the 2020 3G system, which measures up to 20 parameters. Both types of controllers have Ethernet IP protocol options available.

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iq sensornet system controllers

Xylem Gateway

Once analytical data is collected from the process, the Xylem Gateway receives the IQ SensorNet data and transmits it to the Xylem Cloud. Each gateway can accommodate up to four IQ SensorNet systems. That's a total of 80 parameters per gateway!

The Xylem Gateway has two configurations:

1. Xylem Gateway without Ethernet Switch 473500-01
2. Xylem Gateway with Ethernet Switch 473500-02

The only difference is that one configuration is equipped with an Ethernet switch. An Ethernet switch is required when more than one IQ SensorNet System is connected to IQSN Mobile or when IQ SensorNet data is transmitted to multiple locations, i.e., IQSN Mobile and another destination, such as SCADA.

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Xylem Gateway

IQSN Mobile App & Data Plan

Now there's data flowing from IQ SensorNet to the Xylem Gateway, which is stored in the Xylem Cloud. To get there, a 4G LTE cell service plan must be in place for each Xylem Gateway. We have partnered with all major cell providers to ensure you get the highest quality cell service no matter where your plant is located. Each Xylem Gateway will come equipped with a factory-installed and activated SIM card.

The last piece of the IQSN Mobile system is an IQSN Mobile app & data plan. Create your account online and download the IQSN Mobile app to any mobile device. Create and add members to your facility as needed.

IQSN Mobile App & Data Plan

IQSN Mobile App and Data

How does IQSN Mobile differ from IQ Web Connect?

You may be familiar with IQ SensorNet's IQ Web Connect feature and wonder how IQSN Mobile differs. In short, IQSN Mobile offers a lot more features to your existing IQ SensorNet system, whereas IQ Web if Connect is just a mirror image of the IQ SensorNet controller with no functionality other than viewing live readings.

Features IQSN Mobile
IQ Web Connect
View Live Data
View System Settings
Export Data
View Data Trends for Multiple Sensors
Set Reminders and Alerts
Real-Time Alerts
View Sensor Health
Log Maintenance Activities
Save Lab Values
Integrated Smart Device App

Still not sure if IQSN Mobile is right for you?

Contact our experts and we'll make sure the system you order is right for your application.

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