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Remote Access to IQ SensorNet with IQ Web Connect

IQ Web Connect allows you to conveniently access IQ SensorNet remotely from a computer, tablet or mobile phone. Turn any mobile device or computer with internet access into a virtual IQ SensorNet controller with the ability to view and download data, modify settings on your controller, or save your configuration from remote locations.

Simply connect your IQ SensorNet system to the internet via a local network using the integrated Ethernet interface to access IQ Web Connect. This feature is included with IQ SensorNet and is free with no monthly fee or contract.

IQ Web Connect Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does IQ Web Connect Work?

It's easy! Simply connect an Ethernet cable from an IQ SensorNet controller with an Ethernet port to a router or network switch on your local area network (LAN), and once connected, assign a static IP address or a DHCP IP. A password can be configured to ensure security. With this simple step all IQ Web Connect functions and features are available.

Remote Wastewater Monitoring

Q: What equipment do I need for IQ Web Connect?

Any IQ SensorNet controller or controller module with Ethernet capability. In addition, you need the ability to connect IQ SensorNet to the Local Area Network (LAN) via a router or network switch.

Q: Which IQ SensorNet controllers and modules have Ethernet capabilities?

Controller Modules: MIQ/TC 2020 3G-MC3, DIQ/S 282-EF, DIQ/S 282-EF/24V, DIQ/S 284-EF, DIQ/S 284 EF/24V, MIQ/MC3-MOD, MIQ/MC3-PR, MIQ/MC3

Q: How much does IQ Web Connect cost?

IQ Web Connect is included with the purchase of IQ SensorNet. There are no additional costs or fees to use the program.

Q: How secure is IQ Web Connect?

IQ Web Connect is connected to IQ SensorNet via your local area network. The security of this network is dependent on your facility. You can turn on a password within IQ Mobile for additional security.

Download the latest IQ Web Connect software pack here.