IQ SensorNet Microcontroller Module

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The MIQ/MC3 is an IQ SensorNet module is a microcontroller with automatic air pressure compensation, USB and RJ45 connectivity.

  • Overview

    Module IQ/microcontroller for system 2020 3G, 2 free IQ SensorNet connections, in module housing, with automatic barometric pressure compensation, USB interface (IP67), Ethernet RJ45 interface (IP 67)

  • Specifications
    Connectivity / Communications SDI-12, RJ45, USB/ RS-232, LAN, MODBUS TCP/IP, Ethernet IP
    Connector Stack mounting and hard wiring on the terminal blocks
    Data Management IQ Terminal PC Software or IQ Data Server
    Equipment used with 2020 3G
    Integrated Lightning Protection Yes
    Languages English, German
    Logging Capabilities Yes
    Monitoring Yes
    Parameters Measured Dissolved oxygen (optical or electrochemical), pH, ORP, Conductivity, Temperature, Turbidity - ultrasonic cleaning, TSS (total suspended solids) - ultrasonic cleaning, Ammonium, Nitrate*, Potassium, COD (chemical oxygen demand) - ultrasonic cleaning, TOC (total organic carbon) - ultrasonic cleaning, DOC (dissolved organic carbon share of TOC) - ultrasonic cleaning, SAC (spectral absorption coefficient) - ultrasonic cleaning BOD (biochemical oxygen demand) - ultrasonic cleaning, *Chloride can be seen in the menu on the terminal but only the last value. No real-time monitoring and control function when used on the NitraLyt or VARiON sensor as compensation for nitrate.
    Security / Password Protection / UserID Yes
    Smart Sensors / Ports Yes
    Warranty 3 years

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