IQ SensorNet VisoTurb® Sensors

YSI IQ SensorNet UVVIS Ultrasonic Cleaning with UltraClean Technology

The ultrasonic cleaning of the UVVIS IQ SensorNet sensors. This short video demonstrates the ultrasonic cleaning when power is added to this sensor and the milky substance is quickly cleaned off. The UltraClean technology is continuously on and built into the sensor to prevent fouling.

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Optical Turbidity and TSS Sensor for IQ SensorNet systems

  • Overview

    The VisoTurb® is an optical based turbidity or TSS (total suspended solids) sensor for the IQ SensorNet process monitoring and control system.

    • The VisoTurb sensors are precisely calibrated with a multi-point factory calibration. The calibration is extremely stable and there is no need to calibrate on-site. A matrix adjustment is possible as needed.  
    • UltraClean™ Ultrasonic Cleaning The ultrasound source is integrated in the sensor and generates high-frequency vibrations of the optical windows. Ultrasonic cleaning prevents biofouling resulting in maintenance free operation with accurate measurements every time. 
    • Measurement Principle Utilizes nephelometric measurement technology in accordance with EN ISO 7027 (DIN EN 27027 or ISO 7027). Sample discoloration does not affect measurements.
    • 2-year Warranty

    The sensor is part of our IQ SensorNet family of products and works directly with our advanced wastewater process monitoring and control platform the IQ SensorNet 2020 3G controller or our simplified IQ SensorNet 282/284 controller.

  • Specifications
    Anti Fouling UltraClean™ ultrasound cleaning system
    Depth / Pressure Rating / Limit 10 bar (145 psi)
    Digital / Digital Sensors Yes
    Equipment used with 2020 3G, 282/284
    Integrated Lightning Protection Yes
    Languages German, English
    Measurement Method / Channels Nephelometric principle
    Measurement Range

    0.0 to 4000 FNU, 0.0 to 4000 NTU, 0.0 to 4000 TEF, 0.0 to 4000 mg/l, 0.0 to 4000 ppm, 0.00 to 400 g/l

    Medium 0 °C ... + 60 °C (32 ... 140 °F) Operation with ultrasound cleaning system possible up to 40 °C
    Operating pH Range 4 to 12 units
    Operating Temperature UltraClean™ ultrasonic cleaning system: 32 – 104 °F (0 – 40 °C), 32 – 140 °F (0 – 60 °C)
    Parameters Measured

    Turbidity, TSS

    Precision Repeatability limit or repeatability according to DIN ISO 5725 or DIN 1319 respectively < .015 % or min. 0.006 FNU.
    Response Time 1 - 600 secs
    Sampling Yes
    Smart Sensors / Ports Yes
    Storage Temperature 23 to 149°F (-5 to 65°C)
    Unit of Measure ppm SiO2, mg/l SiO2, FNU, TEF, g/l TSS, NTU
    User Replaceable Yes
    Warranty 2 years
    Waterproof IP-68

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