Wastewater Treatment Process Case Studies and Solutions

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For wastewater processing monitoring and control

This case study brochure examines how eight water resource recovery facilities are using YSI IQ SensorNet’s wastewater monitoring system to control their wastewater process and meet their unique, individual plant needs.

IQ SensorNet is a network of online controllers and sensors designed for wastewater process monitoring and control. IQ SensorNet continuously monitors water quality through the wastewater treatment process, from influent through the effluent, increasing operational efficiency, lowering operating costs and improving performance, ensuring your water resource recovery facility is within compliance and under budget.

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Case Studies:

  • Reduce Chemical Costs by Monitoring Orthophosphate
  • Meet Discharge Limits for Total Inorganic Nitrogen
  • Aeration Control Optimization
  • Total Suspended Solids Monitoring for Process Stability
  • And more!

See why wastewater facilities are choosing YSI IQ SensorNet:

  • One-cable for both power and communication; simplifies installation
  • UltraCleanTM ultrasonic cleaning reduces maintenance
  • Modular expansion - add sensors and communication outputs at any time
  • System redundancy for backup power and control
  • reliable ion selective electrodes, a wide range of UV Vis spectral sensors, wet chemistry analyzers, accurate DO and more