Customer Service Comes Full-Circle to Reunite Old Friends

Customer Service Comes Full-Circle to Reunite Old Friends

Some of you may know that for five years I ran my own business that served the community of scientists, water managers, and homeowner associations that battled harmful algal blooms and toxic algae (Learn more, Harmful Algal Blooms | Everything You Need to Know). My favorite part of that business was my wonderful customers, and one of the joys of working at YSI has been that I serve some of those same people, but with a different set of products and the backing of a larger organization to serve them.Stephanie-Smith-Portrait.jpg

With the Xylem YSI organization, one of our points of pride is customer service. This was beautifully exemplified recently when one of my old customers called me (they all had my cell phone number) because he needed support for an instrument that his homeowner’s association bought from me a few years ago. His association, via a small core group of citizen scientists, is very progressive about maintaining and monitoring their recreational lake so that all members of the association can safely enjoy it. It was so nice to reconnect with him and hear about how they were doing.

As we talked about how I might help him, he wanted to hear about my move to YSI. I told him I really loved it, and he mentioned that he would be at YSI on the following Monday to pick up an instrument that was having routine maintenance performed in our repair center.

He went on to say, “Have you ever met Jason, the technician in Repairs?” I replied that of course, I had and that YSI was actually a pretty small place and everyone knew everyone.


Jason Baxter, Senior Repair Technician

My old friend went on, “That guy is so great with us. We’re not scientists, really, but he explained exactly what he was doing to the instrument, told us how we needed to take care of it. He’s just so nice and made us comfortable with the meter, and called us and told us we could come pick it up.”

I of course was not surprised to hear this, and told him so. Indeed, Jason and all of our repair and technical support people are among the greatest assets of this company. 

>>> Meet the Team

I was delighted to see my friend that following week, helped him with the stuff related to my instrument and hooked him up with Jason to retrieve the YSI instrument. As he left, I reflected for a moment about how fortunate I am to work with such customer-focused people at YSI, who so naturally do whatever they can for our customers without giving it a second thought. I hope that all of our customers know that we have these great people at their service. 

For all of our customers out there, please never hesitate to call, tweet, email, or post to find the help you need from us. I look forward to making more customer-friends at YSI, and who knows, maybe some of those old algae friends might look me up, too!




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