How do vertical profiliers help solve water quality problems with HABs?

Vertical Profiliers Solve HAB Water Quality Problems

Harmful algal blooms (HABs) have been reported throughout the world, and their occurrence is on the rise. Our Buoy-Profiler.jpgteam of experts is here to help by staying current on the latest water quality news, providing tips from real-world experience, and introducing solutions to help your team tackle water quality issues associated with HABs.

During this presentation YSI Product Manager, Stephanie Smith, and YSI Director of Systems Engineering, Kevin Simpson will share lessons learned with harmful algal bloom studies, and water quality monitoring experience.

Learn factors that can contribute to algal bloom growth, and discover what technology is available with the Automated Vertical Profiler solution that will help provide early warning signals and aid in reservoir and watershed management. (Learn more, Is a Vertical Water Quality Profilier Right for You?).

45- Minute Webinar Highlights

  • Introduction to harmful algal blooms
  • Factors that can contribute to algal bloom growth
  • Monitoring tools to provide early warning
  • Versatility of Vertical Profilers 



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I tried to register for the HAB webex but did not find a link to do so. Just the scrolling product ad and other product info. Please advise how to register for the HAB Webex. Thank you


Jim - Sorry about that. The page was updated but the links were never changed. It's all corrected now. Please use this link:


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