Webinar: Expert Tips for Continuous Water Quality Monitoring | YSI, Aquatic Informatics and Pennsylvania DEP

WEBINAR: Expert Tips for Continuous Water Quality Monitoring

Featuring guest speaker Dustin Shull from the Pennsylvania DEP

Recorded Live on September 30, 2014

YSI and Aquatic Informatics September 2014 Webinar

Information is power… to better manage our water resources. On September 30th, our group of water quality monitoring experts shared strategies for turning continuous data from your unattended monitoring stations into water quality insight.

Our featured speaker Dustin Shull shared results and lessons learned from the Pennsylvania Continuous In-stream Monitoring (CIM) program. Now to can learn how to reliably collect continuous data for the most common water quality parameters using EXO instrumentation, while cutting maintenance costs and site visits. Discover how to leverage AQUARIUS Time-Series software to process and analyze your water quality data as well.

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1-Hour Webinar Highlights Include:

  • 3 steps to continuous water quality monitoring
  • Tricks for data collection, QC checking & calibration
  • Site selection considerations for high quality data
  • How to correct, analyze, visualize & report on continuous data
  • Lessons learned: dams, acid, sediment, seasonality, & ammonia
  • 6 tips for success

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