Continuous Water Quality Data Collection Made Easy - Recorded Webinar

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Setting up a real-time data collection program can be complex. This webinar will offer a starting point.Water Monitoring Station

Learn how to easily conduct continuous water quality monitoring in real-time by using two new powerful tools: EXO & Storm. A small platform containing the EXO water quality sonde and Storm data logger can be a practical solution for getting more data.

YSI's informative web presentation will discuss:

  • The benefits of the combined EXO water quality sonde and versatile Storm telemetry solution for remote monitoring
  • How EXO can reduce your operations and maintenance costs through longer deployments between servicing
  • An “eyes on your data” solution to capture episodes with high-resolution and better manage your water quality program

The EXO + Storm solution makes it easy to do real-time continuous monitoring and share your data via the web. You can set up this plug-and-play solution in as little as 30 minutes.

Who should view:

  •  Those who want to learn the basics of real-time continuous water quality monitoring
  •  Those who are experienced but want to learn more about new monitoring solutions


  •  Mike Lizotte, Technical Applications Specialist, YSI/Xylem Analytics
  •  Gary Baker, Product Manager, WaterLog/Xylem Analytics

Both presenters have years of real-world field experience and will provide examples of actual water quality monitoring stations that have implemented the EXO + STORM solution.

>>Register Now to View: Water Quality Data Collection Made Easy: A Practical Solution for Continuous Monitoring



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