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WRRF INSIGHTS is a magazine focused on news, industry trends, and technical tips for a water treatment audience. Our goal is to share the great work of municipal stewards, and to share YSI’s wealth of experience with analytics in water resource reclamation facilities (WRRFs).

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Our Inaugural Edition Includes:


INSIGHTS Magazine Inaugural Edition


2018 Industry Report

The 2018 Insights Survey captured the perspective of your peers on the current and future state of water reclamation. As the old proverb says, “knowledge is power.” This industry report from YSI will help you engage and motivate municipal teams, drive improvements in your facilities, and plan for the future.



As consumers, we regularly purchase and use Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products (PPCPs). It's easy to forget these items contain chemicals and compounds that can ultimately end up in our waste streams. Even in low quantities, certain ingredients can have major consequences.


Process Monitoring

Without timely data it’s hard to know the effectiveness of process control decisions. The threat of a process malfunction which can lead to multiple noncompliance issues is enough to keep operators awake at night. Learn how the Meander WRRF used process monitoring to get a handle on Nitrification problems.