Top Reasons to Watch EXO University

Top 7 Reasons to Watch EXO University 

It’s time to master your EXO Sonde! Multiparameter water quality monitoring is a great way to collect lots of data and gain insight into your water bodies of interest - if you are an EXO Sonde owner, you already know this! But whether you have a lot of experience or are brand-new to water quality sensor tech, it’s always a good idea to be prepared for the field by training up before you go out.

YSI brings you EXO University, an online video series featuring our team of experts, training you directly on everything you need to know about the EXO Sonde. And in case you aren’t already convinced to check it out, here are 7 reasons to join us in the classroom!

 1) Learn Best Practices from the Experts

 Learn Water Quality Monitoring Sonde Best Practices | YSI EXO University

Maybe you’ve been following your sonde SOPs for years, and you’re pretty confident in your data quality, but you realize there could be ways you can improve your sensors’ performance. Maybe you are starting from scratch with your new equipment, and you aren’t sure what maintenance you should plan to do to make sure your sonde is operating for many seasons to come. Or maybe… you don’t yet own a sonde, but you want to know everything ownership entails before you make the big purchase! Whatever your situation, EXO University is where you will learn the best practices for maintaining and operating your EXO sonde from YSI experts.

EXO University can finally put to rest that questionable advice on calibrations you heard over lunch from a well-meaning colleague. These videos can serve as your (and their) single source for learning about the EXO. Straight from the manufacturing facility in Yellow Springs, Ohio, EXO University is a definitive training to put your mind and your standard practices at ease.

Since our videos are led by YSI experts with years of field and lab experience, you can be sure that the guidance you hear has been carefully curated with your real applications in mind. We not only know how the sausage is made (or sonde rather), but we also will tell you the secrets to enjoying it with bread and wine; in other words, we will gear you up with all the tips to ensure your field experience is smooth and seamless. Once you’re armed with our expert advice, you can be confident in your sonde and your ability to troubleshoot on the fly. 

2) Discover Things You Didn’t Know About EXO

 Discover Items You Didn't Know About EXO Sondes | YSI EXO University

At EXO University, you’ll see many videos you would expect, like how to calibrate your Conductivity/Temperature sensor or a walkthrough on the EXO Handheld. But you will also find some topics you might not be so familiar with, like how exactly you should prepare Rhodamine dye standards for your Total Algae sensor calibration or a demo on multi-sensor (or batch) calibrations. By the time you’ve finished a round of videos, we’re willing to bet you’ll have learned a thing or two you didn’t know about the EXO sonde!

While you can find almost everything you’ll learn in the EXO User Manual, the information is presented in a new way that is more engaging and may help you understand a concept you’ve struggled with in the past. After all, according to research1, viewers tend to remember 95% of a message when delivered by video, as opposed to only 10% when read as text.

In these videos, you’ll not only get reassurance on tried-and-true calibration methods and instrument setup, but you’ll also learn techniques to ensure you are getting the highest possible data quality and performing all the recommended maintenance that will keep your sonde and sensors operational for years.

3) Get Introduced to New Sensors and Software

Learn About Sensors and Software | YSI EXO University 

EXO University is a great way to stay updated with the latest developments. You’ll find videos of our newer equipment and software to add to your EXO knowledge base, like the most recent sensors, Total Algae, Rhodamine, fDOM, and NitraLED. The most recent version of Kor Software, previously known as KorEXO, is also featured, including how to view calibration records, set up deployments, and manage all of the sensor calibrations.

As technology and software keep developing and changing, new videos will continue to be released. Videos of Kor Mobile, our mobile app for Kor Software, are currently being added to the EXO University repertoire, showcasing how a mobile device can transform your sonde data interface abilities. As we continue to expand the EXO University offerings, please let us know if there are any topics you would like to see us cover! 

4) Find the Right Video at the Right Time

Find the Right Video for Your Sonde Learning Needs | YSI EXO University

If you think you might have déjà vu because the name “EXO University” sounds familiar to you, you’d be right. Originally released in 2014, EXO University started as a video content series on that was more structured like a course track – videos were significantly longer and completed in a recommended sequence. As with any internet content over 10 years old, the previous EXO U was a bit dated and missing some of our current techniques and sensors.

With our revamp of EXO University, the videos are now much shorter and bite-size, with curated information that is meant to be followed side-by-side with your own calibrations and work. Filming in large batches also resulted in a more formulaic approach to our instructional content, yielding stepwise protocols that are practical and easy to reference.

 >>> View the full Table of Contents for EXO U videos

Since these videos can be accessed whenever you have time in your schedule, they can serve as on-demand training. You have the flexibility to watch only what you need, at your own pace. The website is designed to work with this choose-your-own destiny approach, with quick links and easy navigation to find your topics of interest in no time. 

5) Explore Content for Both Rookies and Veterans

 Water Quality Sonde Tips for Beginners and Experts | YSI EXO University

Those of you new to the field, sondes, or environmental monitoring have a great place to start your training journey at EXO University. Not only learn technical protocols for operating EXO water quality sensors, but also some key environmental monitoring concepts, such as how to minimize contamination during calibrations, reducing fouling during deployments, and different measurement units.

Even if you’d call yourself an EXO Expert, EXO University can serve as your yearly refresher for all the protocols you use every day. The videos cover the basics as well as advanced and little-known features, tips, and tricks. And for those looking to have detailed records of their maintenance and calibration protocols, the video scripts give you a great place to start. Located on each video page under the video, you can refer to the scripts to develop your own standard operating procedures. No matter what your needs are, EXO University has got you covered. 

6) Streamline Your Monitoring Efforts

Streamline Your Water Quality Monitoring Efforts | YSI EXO University 

Make sure everyone on your team is on the same page before they get out in the field. When the whole group learns the best sonde operation and maintenance techniques from the same place, the data you collect will be more reproducible and reliable. Reduce deviations from protocols and take advantage of cross-training, so no matter the day, someone with the right knowledge will be able to troubleshoot a site or collect critical data.

With EXO University as the single, definitive source for best practices, your sensors will be calibrated properly and accurately, your instruments will be well-maintained to withstand field conditions, and your deployments will be prepped for the long haul. We detail the procedures that will allow you to maximize your data quality by optimizing your equipment and your staff.

>>> Download our Calibration Worksheet

7) Get Free YSI Factory Training Without a Trip to Yellow Springs

Free Water Quality Sonde Training | YSI EXO University 

In a perfect world, we would have every EXO user come visit the YSI campus to learn everything they want to know first-hand. But since the reality is that travel is not that easy and can be expensive, we are bringing the factory training to you! EXO University is as close to in-person training as you can get without the travel expense or having a Xylem representative knock on your door. No quotes are needed as it comes to you totally free.

We hope we’ve given you enough reasons to come check it out! And with all that said, we’ll see you in class!


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