Water Monitoring Instrumentation Continues to Evolve into 2017

Wow, hard to believe 2016 is officially over and 2017 is officially here!

2016 was a year of change around the world, and here at YSI. Before we fully say goodbye to 2016, we want to give a proper farewell to the YSI products that retired during the year and give a warm welcome to the products that have taken their place.

February 2016 – we said goodbye to the YSI 556 and 55 classic handhelds. The 556 served the water quality monitoring community for over a decade, and measured DO, pH, ORP, conductivity and temperature. For those looking for an instrument to replace their 556 or one that measures the same parameters the 556 did, we have YSI ProDSS Sensor Tips on Bulkhead in Fieldthe ProDSS (Digital Sampling System) and the Professional Plus. Both handhelds can measure all the same parameters the 556 could, AND MORE! To learn more about the features of both of these instruments, download this guide.

The Model 55 has been part of the YSI family and our customer’s field work for over 20 years! A simple, easy to use, rugged, instrument that measured DO and temp, this one is sure to be missed. But don’t worry, we were able to take the features you loved from the Model 55 and the advancements in DO technology to now offer the ProODO for optical DO technology measurements (with temperature) and the Pro20/Pro20i for membrane DO measurements (with temperature)! To learn more about the features of both of these instruments, download this guide.

December 2016 – as 2016 came to a close, we said goodbye to the Model 550A. The 550A was a popular work-horse around the world and served the water quality monitoring community for over a decade. The 550A YSI-Pro20i-360x180.jpgmeasured DO and temperature, and just like the Model 55, was replaced with the ProODO and Pro20/Pro20i handhelds.

These retired handhelds conclude the final product discontinuations from the classic YSI handheld line. Each classic handheld has been replaced with the latest and greatest technology in the Pro Series product line. Reference the YSI Classics vs. Professional Series Guide to view all this information in one place. These classics have served so many people around the world, and were part of some of the greatest work being done within our water bodies for the past decade if not more, we wish them the best in their retirement and have nothing but confidence in their replacements!

With that being said, we welcomed:

March 2016 – Designed with simplicity in mind, the Amazon bubbler was released early in 2016 and is the ideal system for long-term, water level monitoring sites. It can be used as a stand-alone system with internal data storage, or as a sensor connected to any manufacturer’s data logger.

September 2016 – our revolutionary ProDSS took the world by storm in 2015; however we continue to enhance this handheld, with continuous software updates, and a range of cable assemblies to fit the needs of our customers. The latest cable assembly, released late last year is an ODO/CT option. This cable assembly includes built-in optical DO, conductivity and temperature sensors. We encourage you to learn more about the ProDSS and ODO/CT field cable.

YSI_ProSample_P_Open.jpgSeptember was also the month YSI’s first Automated Sampler, the ProSample, was launched! These fully automatic portable samplers include a proprietary peristaltic pump for highly accurate sampling based on time, flow, or event. The ProSample series’ extremely high volume accuracy will help keep your facility in compliance and provide accurate data.

November 2016 – as mentioned above, the Pro20i is an ideal option to replace the discontinued 55, and 550A handhelds. The Pro20i was released in mid-November of 2016 and features an integral (non-detachable) cable similar to what you would be used to seeing with the retired instruments.  The Pro20i measures both DO and temperature and is an upgrade to the previous classic models with its IP-67 waterproof rating and proven ruggedness with the 1-meter drop test. 

One of the most exciting accomplishments of 2016

 The official release of the our very own publication, MISSION: WATER Magazine. The first edition launched in the summer of 2016, with the winter edition just recently being released prior to the New Year. This publication is a collaborative effort between YSI employees, other Xylem brands, outside agencies, our customers, and guest writers. It covers the world’s most current water issues and how people, like you, are tackling these challenges.

The goal of MISSION: WATER? Simple: to keep you informed about water issues relevant and of interest to you!


Interested in being part of our team and contributing to the next issue of MISSION: WATER Magazine? It’s easy! Have a project you are working on that you want to share with the world? You can either work in depth with our internal team developing and writing a full article or you can enter our Photo Contest and send us your best environmental monitoring photos to be included in our next issue and be entered to win a prize!  Simply submit your project or photo to MissionWater@Xyleminc.com and someone from our publication team will be in contact with you to learn more!

Whew, what a year 2016 was! Now let’s get back to monitoring, we can’t wait to join you and your peers around the world to see what 2017 brings to our water community!!!



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I am looking to purchase a Sonde with pH, Temp, DO, Cond, Turbidity but our non profit can not afford the cost of new. Is there a store for used & refurbished equipment?


Bill - contact our Tech Support group who occasionally will sell demo equipment we use at tradeshows etc. info@ysi.com. Thanks!


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