Water Junkie? Top 10 LinkedIn Water Quality Groups You Should Join

We hope it is safe to assume that if you are following and reading our blog regularly, that you may love water just as much as we do.  If that is the case then take a few minutes to review the top 10 LinkedIn Water Focused Groups that we, employees here at YSI, are proud to be part of, and think you may enjoy being part of too!Pro-Series-in-Field-on-a-Boat.jpg

1.   Hydrology International

Started in 2009, Hydrology International is a private group (you will need to request a membership), full of water professionals that exchange a wide variety of hydrological information.

2.   Water Industry Process Automation & Control

This group is made primarily for those interested in process and control within water and

wastewater operations.  Learn about new technologies, instrumentation, like the YSI IQ SensorNet for process and control, as well as new regulatory requirements etc. We frequently share our wastewater white papers here as well.

3.   Water Management

Starting in 2010, Water Management became an open discussion group that discusses water related topics such as water quality updates of waterways around the world, transboundary water disputes, and Water related educational opportunities.  The list goes on and on, all articles are available to the public so check them out!

4.   Aquaculture

Started in 2008, the Aquaculture Group is a private group that consists of key aquaculture professionals in the industry.  If you are a producer, buyer, customer, transporter or hatchery, this group is for you!

5.   Stormwater Professionals

This group is full of professionals within the world of Stormwater. The group is private, but request a membership today if you are involved or possibly interested in the Stormwater Industry.

6.   Wastewater Professionals

Started in 2008, this private group is full of those working in the industry in many capacities from wastewater operators to consultants and engineers.  This group serves as a way to connect to each other and share advice, wastewater related articles and tips.

7.   Water Technologies

One of the largest water related LinkedIn Groups, Water technologies was started in 2008 and is for water professionals and those promoting water technologies and products.  Follow this group, and be "in the know" about water technologies, water products, new projects, cleantech, purification, desal, irrigation, conservation, groundwater, reclaimed water, control and more!

8.   Water and Wastewater Professionals

Join this group and you will find a true LinkedIn Group that responds and answers your water related questions.  Ask a question, and have a group of over 11,000 help you get the answer!  Questions range from measurement techniques to safety measures and more!

9.   WaterPros

Water Pros is an open forum where you and others can post ANYTHING water related.  Find recent releases in new technologies, breaking news stories, to suggested blogs to follow for even more additional water related information.  You won't have trouble finding something in this group that interests you!

10.  Water Quality -Analytical Instrumentation

ProODO-with-Display-in-Aeration-Basin-in-Hand.jpgThis private group was created in early 2011, and is full of YSI employees as members.  This group provides manufacturers (like YSI) and developers of water quality analytical instrumentation with a forum to ask questions, get advice and discuss on-going issues regarding analytical instrumentation performance, specifications, regulations etc of water analysis.

And, of course...you should follow the YSI LinkedIn page for our water related updates and stories!

These are a select 10 out of the many water related LinkedIn groups you can become part of.  Take a few minutes to check it out, start connecting and jump in the conversation and share with us and others just like us what you know and learn along the way!

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