YSI Appily Introduces this Appsolutely Great Apportunity - Aquaculture App

(Works with instrument firmware 1.8 only)

We've recently launched our new AquaViewer® App for download from the Apple App Store. For our customers already using any of the continuous water quality monitoring instruments — YSI 5200A, 5400, and 5500D — you can now get access to crucial data in real‐time on your iPhone, iPad, and iTouch devices. (Limited to certain versions on the instruments). AquaViewer-App-Screen.jpg

“With so much invested in their livestock, we’re always looking for innovative ways to get critical water quality data into the hands of our customers,” says Tim Grooms, YSI director of Water Quality Products. “The YSI AquaViewer app displays the data they need, like realtime sensor and auxiliary data, from virtually anywhere with wi‐fi or internet connectivity.”

Just as important, we continue to make easy‐to‐use, easy‐to‐understand, and easy‐to configure products. Setting up the YSI AquaViewer is straight‐forward. Contained in the app are easy‐to‐follow display screens for set‐up, for the instrument being monitored, and for the sensor in use.

A color-coding system is used to provide a quick visual understanding of the tank's or pond's conditions. Red indicates an alarm condition, yellow indicates a control condition, and green and black are used to indicate an acceptable operating range system condition. Communication occurs either by directly connecting to the YSI instrument via internal Ethernet device or via communication connection to a PC running AquaManager PC software.

The AquaViewer app download contains a user guide that includes:

  • System/User requirements
  • App screen descriptions
  • Configuration and Operating instructions.

Protect your investment by being able to effectively access conditions at your facility within seconds. To download YSI AquaViewer App, visit the Apple App Store.


Search for the AquaViewer app icon.











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