Downloading YSI Software

Downloading YSI Software

Are you getting the latest software and firmware releases to keep your YSI product running smoothly?

Your instrument is only as good as you maintain it. Proper and routine maintenance is essential, just as much as having the most up-to-date software installed and running on your YSI instrument. 

Having trouble downloading or installing new software? Have no fear; a step-by-step guide is below to help you do this as quickly and as easily as possible!


1.  Navigate to YSI’s website for software downloads under the Customer Support tab.

2.  Fill out the information to request access.

3.  Locate the software you would like to download and then “Click to Download”

4.  Be sure to read any available associated documents before the download

These can help you if you have problems or tip you off to a potential problem before the installation and can save you time.

5.  Save the file to your PC before you try to Run it.

Attempting to Run it before it is saved will not install the software properly

6.  Some YSI software is downloaded in a .zip file format

Be sure to unzip or extract the contents of the .zip file to your PC before attempting the installation

Failure to do this may result in an incomplete or unsuccessful installation.


7.  Make sure you have Administrative rights on your computer

Most government, business, and university-owned PC’s have limited permissions set up to prevent the installation of software.

This is the most common reason for an inability to properly install software.

Limited permissions are in place to help prevent the inadvertent introduction of viruses, especially on computers that are part of a network.

8.  Check your PC’s operating system and minimum software requirements

PC Operating System details can be found in the ‘Control Panel’ under ‘System’.

Most software provided by YSI has a ‘Read Me’ file which will outline the software requirements.

9.  Make sure you follow the procedures outlined in the ‘Read Me’ file

In some cases the Read Me file will indicate a proper “order of operations” which must be followed in order for the software installation to be completed properly.

10.  If you are using any third-party hardware, be sure to install the drivers for this device and be sure these drivers are compatible with your operating system.

  1. This most often occurs when using a serial to USB converter. The drivers are often not installed.
  2. Go to your PC’s ‘Device Manager’ to verify the drivers have been properly installed.
  3. Look under ‘Ports’ to make sure your hardware is recognized by the PC.
  4. If the device shows up under ‘Other’ the hardware is not recognized and the drivers are not installed properly.
  5. Restarting the PC may be necessary with some hardware.

11.  Follow the onscreen prompts during the installation.

12.  Enter a product key if prompted (this is not necessary for most YSI software).

13.  Once installed, follow the instructions provided with your instrumentation to begin interfacing. 



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