Reduce Cost of Water Quality Program with Simple Data Acquisition System

Due to advances in technology, water quality monitoring instruments can stay deployed in the field for longer intervals. Improved power management and battery life performance plus improved anti-fouling technologies to keep the submerged sensors clean translate to fewer trips to the field for maintenance of equipment by staff.Water Monitoring Station

What about your data? If you are logging data internally in the instruments, then one additional reason for the site visits is to download data on a bi-weekly or monthly basis (or an interval established by your standard operating procedures).

You may want to consider a cost-effective option for continuous water quality monitoring that can transmit the data back to your office, cutting out some of the trips to the field you may have previously needed.

The Storm Solution is a data collection system where real-time data can be viewed anywhere, anytime from any computer or smart device with an Internet connection. The data can also be downloaded for further analysis and post-processing.

The Storm datalogging system provides a simple approach for small to midsized remote hydrological and meteorological applications. Hydrological applications including irrigation, mining, aquaculture, surface water/groundwater/wastewater/storm water.

Plug-and-play features of the system help you set up and operate in under an hour. The main component of the system is a Storm 3 data logger, which has many inputs for water quality sensors (including those on YSI sondes) as well as bubblers, meteorological, and level sensors. The built-in Sensor Library makes it easy for the user to browse and select your sensors for a quick and seamless configuration.

Transmitting the data from a remote site to your computer can be accomplished through a variety of telemetry methods. The Storm Central data hosting solution works with cellular modem providers, GOES satellite, ALERT system, and RF radios.

Your web browser is your software. After the streamlined installation in the field, you can then access your water data from just about anywhere. You and members of your team can pull up the data in all standard web browsers on PCs as well as on many tablets, iPads and smart phones.

Lastly, the two-way communication provided by Storm Central continues to allow you to reduce your trips to the field. System and sensor-specific troubleshooting can occur from your office. Alarms and alerts can even notify you of potential issues to check and troubleshoot before they get too big to handle remotely.

We can now add data acquisition to the list of tasks previously requiring a costly or time-consuming trip to the field. However, with advances in communications, water quality monitoring programs can now enjoy the cost-effective benefits of collecting data remotely.

Get more information on this simple, continuous monitoring solution using the Storm system with EXO water quality sondes:

>> View the Storm Central Data Demonstration Site



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