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YSI: the answer to your titration needs

Manual or Automated? Doesn't matter. We can help! 

YSI offers a full range of titration solutions to accommodate your titration requirements.

YSI Titrators are designed to ensure complete accuracy and precision in the laboratory for a variety of industries and applications. Our titrators, and compatible accessories, efficiently determine concentration levels and quickly detect equivalency points accurately. Our products bring convenience and durability, while also meeting GLP and ISO 900X standards, and simultaneously increasing sample throughput. 

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Karl Fischer Coulometric Tapper Adapter

Coulometric Tapper Adapter


UV Protection Coat

UV Protection Coat (Blue) for TITRONIC® 500 Exchangeable Units


TitroLine Joint Disk Set

Joint Disk Set


TitroLine Electrode Cable

Electrode Combination Plug

$84.00 - $110.00

TitroLine Buffer Solution Sets

Buffer Solution

$84.00 - $144.00

Karl Fischer Starter Kit

Titration Starter Kit


Karl Fischer Adapter

Titration Adaptor


Titrator and Piston Burette Manual Controller

Manual Controller for TitroLine® and TITRONIC® Instruments


Titration Clamp

Titration Clamp for TitroLine® and TITRONIC® Instruments


Titrator and Piston Burette PC Keyboard

Keyboard for TitroLine® and TITRONIC® Instruments


3-Part Tube Set

Complete Tube Set for Exchangeable Units


10 mL PTFE-piston for Exchange Unit

10 mL PTFE-piston for TITRONIC® 500