TW 7650 Karl Fischer Autosampler

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With the TW 7650 Karl Fischer Autosampler, laboratories can experience complete automation for up to 50 samples. Combine this autosampler with the TO 7289 Karl Fischer Headspace Oven and automate the entire laboratory process from sample prep to analysis.

  • Overview

    This specific autosampler pairs perfectly with our titration software: TitriSoft. TitriSoft version P, which is specific to pharmaceutical and medical research applications, is now fully compliant with CFR 21 Part 11 regarding electronic records, electronic signature, and audit trails.

    You’ll never have to worry about reliable, secure data collection or accurate calculations again! All while alleviating your laboratory staff of manual, time-consuming tasks.

    YSI Titration Karl Fischer Autosampler

    Alleviate your Laboratory Staff of Manual Procedures

    Our TW 7650 Karl Fischer Autosampler can alleviate your laboratory staff of all manual procedures such as sample preparation, data collection, calculations, and more.

    In high throughput laboratories, repetitive and manual tasks can take several hours or require multiple employees’ attention. With the TW 7650, KF Autosampler employees are able to contribute to other laboratory needs and increase the efficiency in your laboratory process.  

    Key Features

    The TW 7650 KF Autosampler is customizable and provides several options that can provide solutions for specific laboratory needs with features and accessories that include:

    TW 7650 from YSI offers a sample rack with 50 positionsSample rack with 50 positions (1 zero-vial + 49 samples).

    Multiple Compatible sample vials available for the TW7650 from YSI TitrationCompatible sample vials, 5 ml sample volume.

    The TW7650 from YSI Titration offers the ability to measure each sample at different temperatures.Ability to measure each sample at different temperatures.

    The TW7650 offers optional start drift monitoring before each sampleOptional start drift monitoring before each sample.

  • Specifications
    TW 7650 Karl Fischer Autosampler  
    Number of Positions 40 Samples + 1 zero vial
    Power Supply Supply via TO 7280
    Power Input Supply via TO 7280
    Dimensions 420 x 450 x 460 mm (W x H x D) including TO 7280
    Weight 10 kg without / 17 kg with T0 7280
    Ambient conditions Ambient Temperature 10+ to 40 C for operation and storage

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