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Water Monitoring Data Buoys

YSI Integrated Systems and Services goes beyond equipment sales to providing you with complete solutions including installation services, training, design, engineering, maintenance, construction, and complete project delivery. We are experienced in several applications; Flood Alert Monitoring, Stormwater Monitoring, Compliance Monitoring, Dredging, Event-based Water Monitoring, Open Channel Flow, Real Time Data Delivery, and Water Quality Monitoring. Our solutions include: data buoys, floating pontoons, profilers, and autonomous water vehicles (including AUV) for rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and coastal applications.

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EMM150 Inshore Buoy

Multipurpose Environmental Monitoring Buoy

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Portable Data Collection Platform

Integrated Portable Electronics Package Designed for Harsh Environments

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EMM2.0 Coastal Buoy

Monitoring Buoy Designed for Coastal and Blue Water Applications

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EMM68 Buoy

Robust Monitoring System in a Small Compact Design

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EMM350 Pisces

A Pontoon Platform for In-Situ Characterization of Environmental Systems

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Turn Key Data Collection Platform

Complete Solution for Data Logging and Telemetry Options

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EXO PAR Smart Sensor

EXO Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) Sensor

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DB600 Data Buoy

All-In-One, Rugged, Remote Monitoring System

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Autonomous Surface Vehicle

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6950 Fixed Vertical Profiler

A Fixed Vertical Profiler designed to Acquire High Resolution Vertical Water Column Measurements for Inland Water and Coastal Applications

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EMM25 Buoy

Low Cost, Rapid Deployment, Short Term Use Buoy

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Pontoon Vertical Profiling System

Ideal for Ponds, Lakes, Reservoirs, and Certain Coastal Applications

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