Digital Water Quality Handheld Meters

A true field instrument.

ProDIGITAL handheld systems are the industry leader for nearly any water quality application - surface water, groundwater, coastal waters, aquaculture, wastewater, or wherever your testing takes you. The ProDSS, ProSwap, and ProSolo systems all feature rugged instruments, smart sensors, reliable cables, and powerful data management for optimal performance.


Revolutionalize on-the-go water quality

Built for the true professional, ProDSS is the ultimate handheld instrument for water quality spot sampling and profiling. With superior functionality and maximum versatility, our top-of-the-line digital sampling system can be customized to meet the demands of your application. ProDSS can pair with any digital cable assembly with a wide variety of sensors available. Add GPS to your handheld for enhanced geotagged data.

The power of multiparameter sampling

Connect any four smart sensors to the 4-port cable assembly to get comprehensive water quality data. Choose from 21 available parameter options to create your perfect combination.

An optional built-in depth sensor makes high-quality data even better!



Simple. Flexible. Reliable.

Swap one smart sensor for another to transform ProSwap into whatever the job demands - eliminating the need for separate parameter-specific instruments. Build a dedicated sampling system for any parameter you need from our dynamic range of smart sensors. Calibrate your sensors in the lab and swap them in the field for truly versatile sampling and comprehensive data.

Profiling made simple.

The unique 1-port cable assembly features a built-in thermistor and optional depth sensor so you can get the most out of your field work with the fewest instruments.

Simply connect a conductivity sensor to create a portable CTD system!


Don't go it alone. Go Solo.

In a perfect mix of simplicity and sophistication, ProSolo provides exceptional affordability with unmatched technology and durability. Instrument setup is quick and easy with our advanced integrated probe and cable assemblies.

We know D.O. 

YSI has a long history of providing the best in dissolved oxygen monitoring. With the ODO/T and ODO/CT probe and cable assemblies, we once again deliver cutting edge optical DO technology in a streamlined package.


Premium water quality sampling.

ProDIGITAL offers industry-leading technology to meet the demands of your water quality application. Customize your own system by combining the handheld and probe options that work best for you. Digital smart sensors ensure you’re getting the best data possible while our powerful ProDSS, ProSwap, and ProSolo handhelds are all loaded with advanced features to make analysis easy and intuitive.


Rugged good looks.

When it comes to durability, nothing compares to our handheld meters. A rugged and waterproof casing provides protection from the harshest field conditions and an ergonomic design feels good in your hand.

Military-style locking cable connectors ensure a quick and secure cable hook up.

Read more about how our meters survived some extreme situations.

Display of force. 

A full-color, backlit display makes it easy to read data in any lighting condition. Menus are intuitive and easy to navigate. With the added ability to view graphs right on the display, you can quickly spot trends and see when calibrations are stable.

All of this is protected by a scratch-resistant screen that you can still see when wearing polarized glasses.

Top of the class. 

Digital sensors also allow for faster readings, better communication, and superior accuracy.

Smart sensors are auto-recognized for fast, easy setup. Calibration data are stored in each sensor for traceability even when disconnected from an instrument.

Good to go. 

In order to keep our sensors as rugged as our handhelds, we use the same titanium housing found on our long-term monitoring products. The toughest grade parts guarantee operation well into the future.

Committed to memory. 

With the ability to store over 100,000 data sets to the handheld, we made sure you won’t run out of memory anytime soon! If you do find you need more room, simply transfer files to a flash drive or Kor Software on your PC.

Data on-the-go. 

ProDIGITAL handhelds feature a built-in micro USB port that allows for easy data export to a flash drive - even in the field! Data sets can be sent in a single CSV file for quick data analysis.

The USB connection also streamlines connection to a PC.

Better data. 

Quickly connect your ProDIGITAL handheld to a PC with the micro USB cable to view live and logged data, create and manage sites, configure and calibrate your instrument, and get more support with our powerful Kor Software.

The built-in SmartQC ensures proper calibrations and top sensor performance.

Have a different application in mind? 

If you love our digital smart sensors, superior technology, and rugged instruments, but need to do long-term or continuous monitoring, be sure to check out our family of EXO Multiparameter Sondes.

Who’s minding the planet?

We believe in our customer’s mission to protect the environment. ProDIGITAL handhelds are powered by long-life, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, removing the demand for traditional disposable alkaline batteries. High grade materials are used to extend the lifetime of products which cuts down on replacement parts and downtime.

YSI is ISO 14001 certified and recognized by the Ohio EPA for environmental stewardship. Our facility is powered by 95% renewable energy and our parent company, Xylem, is ranked in the top 10 of Barron’s 100 Most Sustainable Companies.

Still not sure which handheld is right for you?

Please contact us and we’ll make sure the system you order is right for your application.

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